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Why Wait for AirPrint? Printer Pro Brings It to Your iPad Now

Readdle Printer Pro

Printing is finally coming to iOS with an update in November, but third-party developers clearly feel that Apple’s official solution leaves something to be desired. Among them is Readdle, who is bringing full-featured printing to the iPad with a new app expected imminently.

Readdle, the creator of popular productivity apps such as ReaddleDocs and PDF Expert, is launching a multi-week campaign leading up to the release of iOS 4.2 in November. The company is kicking things off with a brand-new app called Printer Pro which promises to add essential printing capability to the iPad — without having to wait for Apple’s own solution to arrive.

Readdle Printer Pro screenshot

“Printer Pro lets you print right now, month before the release of iOS 4.2 update,” explains Readdle CEO Igor Zhadanov. “It supports a wide range of document formats, integrates with other applications and core iPad services like clipboard, address book and photo library.”

Printer Pro allows iPad owners to print e-mail attachments, documents, web pages, photos and almost any other type of content from their device. The app allows direct printing to any USB or LPT printer connected to a Mac or Windows computer. For the impatient, you’ll be happy to know that Printer Pro has been designed to complement Apple’s forthcoming AirPrint technology, rather than directly compete with it.

With Printer Pro installed, the app will appear when you use the “Open In…” selection in compatible apps such as Mail, Safari, Dropbox, ReaddleDocs and others. It also takes just a few taps to download files from popular cloud services such as MobileMe iDisk, Dropbox or Google Docs and send them right to your printer.

Printer Pro is expected to hit the App Store on Friday for .99 and requires an iPad with iOS 3.2.2 or later. The free companion software, Printer Pro Desktop, is now available as a free download from the Readdle website.

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Solved: The Mystery of What’s on Oprah’s iPad

Oprah on the iPad
(Image courtesy of 9to5Mac)

Did you know that talk show queen Oprah Winfrey owns an iPad? No? Well, now that you know, are you curious what apps she’s got installed on it? We thought you were.

9to5Mac got the scoop
on just exactly what Oprah has installed on her iPad, courtesy of the International Business Times. While speaking at the annual American Magazine Conference in Chicago, the queen of daytime revealed all — which actually isn’t too much.

Winfrey’s iPad news comes courtesy of the CNN and ABC News apps, which she credits for “keeping her abreast with the latest news.” She also likes reading e-magazines, although she can’t yet read her own O Magazine on the device — but that will be changing on November 16 when an app for the publication finally becomes available.

For her fun time, Oprah gushed about her love for Scrabble on the iPad, one app which “changed her workouts” and “keeps my mind off the treadmill.” The talk show host also loves the fact that she can “play Scrabble and listen to Bruce Springsteen at the same time.”

Apple likely loves Oprah in return — after all, she generously gave out iPads to every member of her magazine staff, which had to add up to a pretty penny.

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iPad Probably Hitting Walmart Shelves Very Soon

We know that not everyone has a selection of strip malls or Apple Stores to choose from, and that’s why we were excited to hear that Walmart will probably pick up the iPad for sale, supposedly by the end of the year.

It sort of makes sense that Walmart would be the next major retailer to do so, especially since Amazon, Target, and Best Buy all currently offer the iPad. We’ve even heard from an anonymous Walmart employee that the iPad is hitting the shelves in November, though no official date has been announced–or speculated.

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Moleskine Covers For iPhone & iPad Now Avaialable

Attention hipsters: Your iOS device case has arrived! Moleskine–purveyors of fine paper products enjoyed around the world–has made yet another decidedly device-centric attempt to increase their stranglehold on the hearts and minds of the scribbling public. A few months ago, we bore witness to the company’s first foray into the tech world with what they’ve opted to call an analog-digital hybrid: A Kindle cover that, in addition to providing some stylish protection to Amazon’s one-trick pony e-book reader, also offers Moleskine aficionados the ability to keep the company’s signature creamy off-white paper close at hand by building a notepad right into the case’s cover. As of this morning, Apple device users have also been extended the ability to add a bit of class to their iPhone 3G/3GS as Moleskine has announced the addition of cases for your cherished iOS devices to their covet-worthy Folio Digital product line.

In Moleskine’s own words:

“The features and style of both Covers are those of a classic Moleskine notebook: sleek rounded corners, strong elastic band, and the legendary smooth black cover. Inside, a lighter suede lining protects the electronic device against impact and scratches, alongside a Volant notebook with plain pages. The Smartphone Cover is mainly conceived to be used with Bluetooth, headphones or loud speaker”

Looking to the pictures accompanying the products press release, we have to say that it looks pretty snazzy, although not all that protective. If you’re not a Moleskine purist and want to pimp out your iPad with something that offers perhaps a bit more protection, you may wish to consider cases from Dodocase or Pad&Quill as well.


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Apple Updates MobileMe Gallery App, Adds Support for iPad

Apple has just updated their MobileMe Gallery application [iTunes link] for the iPhone with universal support for all iOS devices, including the iPad. This means that you can now browse your MobileMe photos with ease on any iOS device you choose. Apple also added fast app switching for iOS 4.0 devices, and topped things off with Retina Display support.

According to the App Store, the following additions were made with Version 1.2:

– Universal app with full iPad support
– Supports fast app switching for iOS 4 devices
– Optimized for Retina displays
– View friends’ galleries without the need for a MobileMe subscription (iPhone and iPad only)

The ability to view friends’ public galleries without having a MobileMe account will make this application more valuable to non subscribers than it has typically been in the past. You can download the free update for the MobileMe Gallery from the iTunes App Store [iTunes link].


via MacRumors


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Goldman Sachs Analysts Speculate on Next iPad

Not a day goes by without another salacious Apple rumor making the rounds on the internet. This time, a team of analysts from Goldman Sachs are claiming that their sources have all the information about Apple’s second-generation iPad next spring that will feature a camera, Mini USB port and a lighter design.

Analysts Henry King and Kevin Lu also say that the 7″ iPad is not at all finalized and it’s unlikely that it will be launched ahead of the next iPad update.

Normally, we’d be harping on these sources for even starting the rumors, but we have to admit that this is very plausible. Apple released the iPad during the spring time (Easter weekend of this year, to be exact), so it’s only natural that the company would release an update a year later.

However, we’re still a little unsure about this Mini USB thing. It’s not like Apple to break the barriers of proprietary, and it’s almost doubtful that the company would switch to Mini USB out of the blue. After all, the company makes a profit off of licensing fees associated with their own custom connection hardware.

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RIM's Answer To The iPad? The PlayBook


(Image courtesy of CNNMoney)

Well, one and all, Research in Motion has pulled the wool off their entry into the tablet pool, at a developer conference on Monday, according to CNNMoney.  Their tablet will feature a 7-inch screen, Flash-capable video and a front and rear high-definition camera.  But will it be enough to take down the iPad?

“Every successful professional has a great PlayBook,” said Mike Lazaridis, co-chief executive of Research in Motion, at the BlackBerry Developer conference in San Francisco.

As mentioned above, the device will sport a 7-inch screen, Flash-capable video as well as a front and rear high-def camera.  It’s also quite thin, coming in at 9.7 millimeters, and weighs a mere .9 pounds.  But lo and behold, Lazaridis was not able to name a price just yet.

For the time being, the PlayBook is planning to be released in 2011 and will only be able to connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi.  But RIM is planning on offering up 3G and 4G versions down the road.

RIM’s goal is “to offer an uncompromised Web experience,” said Lazaridis.

The PlayBook will also maintain a 1 GHz dual-core processor and 1 GB of RAM.  It’ll be compatible with HDMI video output, Bluetooth and microHDMI and microUSB.

Curiously though, PlayBook users won’t see RIM’s hot off the presses BlackBerry 6 operating system.  In place of that, will be a new operating system via QNX Software Systems, who RIM scooped earlier on in the year.

At the conference, a QNX rep said that the PlayBook will offer up “just a great gaming experience.”

Lazaridis added on that the BlackBerry Messenger system will be “opened as a social platform for applications,” but didn’t give much information beyond that.  He also commented that in-app payments as well as a BlackBerry advertising service will “generate revenue immediately.”

So there you have it readers!  What’s your take?  Will it be enough to warrant your dollars?  Or will the iPad still reign supreme?  Feel free to leave your tablet prognostications below!

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iPad Street Musician Dons Headband, Earns Money

Usually street musicians play a ragged guitar, tambourine, or accordion. This musician decided to forgo the usual pawn-shop purchased instrument and headed on down to the local Apple Store.

The First iPad Street Musician? from Alex Shpil on Vimeo.


According to the Alex Shpil, who shot the video, the musician is playing the sitar on the iPad. It looks like she earned a buck while playing. 500 more songs and it all evens out.

Thanks to Kas for showing us this video.


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Mobile iWork Update Brings Exporting and MobileMe Integration to the iPad

Ladies and gents, the powerful iWork suite for iPad has been updated.

To start, Numbers has been updated to enable exporting of spreadsheets to Microsoft Excel (.XLS), copying of spreadsheets between Numbers and your MobileMe iDisk or WebDAV service, and the ability to group and ungroup objects. Keynote has been updated with the same exporting and copying abilities, and support for audio when importing Keynote ’09 presentations. Lastly, everyone’s favorite mobile app, Pages, has been updated with the same ability to copy documents, as well as the option to display the word count and support for opening text (.txt) files from Mail.

The new updates are now available and should pop up within your App Store updates page.

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Fuze Meeting Lets You Host Meetings from Your iPad


Fuze Meeting is a new application for the iPad, created by Fuze Box, that lets you create and host meetings right from your device. While other conference/meeting tools like WebEx and Go to Meeting have existed on the iPad for a while now, many have lacked the ability to host a meeting on the device.

Fuze Meeting on the iPad allows you to host meetings and access presentation files from Keynote on your iPad or through presentations stored on your Dropbox account. In the meeting, you can also bring up Word documents, PDFs, movies, images; and, you can use a faux laser dot on the screen to show audience members exactly what you’re talking about in a document, PDF, or other material that can be presented with Fuze Meeting. Using the iPad you can join in on the conference call, or you can use in-meeting chat or instant messages to talk to your audience.

Fuze Meeting is available now on the App Store [iTunes link] with a 30-day free trial of the Fuze Meeting service. More information can be found on the Fuze Meeting website, or in the Fuze Meeting for iPad introduction video below.

via VentureBeat


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