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Orange drops 'unlimited' iPhone tariff wording

The decision to change the wording was taken to “provide a fair experience for all users of the Orange network and not only provide more transparency on the data allowances customers receive, but… also help [Orange] to provide a sustainable experience for the majority,” an Orange spokesperson told ZDNet UK on Wednesday.
“It’s worth noting that [approximately] 1 percent of our mobile customers use [approximately] 20 percent of our network capacity. Therefore, this move will help us address that imbalance to ensure a fair resource for everyone, with data bundles on offer for those who wish to download more,” added the spokesperson.
In June, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said that it was investigating operators’ use of the word ‘unlimited’ when advertising fixed and mobile data plans. Orange’s new tariffs — which are being offered alongside the previous deals — no longer include the term, which Orange had actually used alongside a so-called fair use cap of 750MB per month.
Orange is offering the iPhone 4 on a range of tariffs between £30 and £75 per month, on 18-month and two-year commitments. At £35 a month, customers can choose between having 500MB of data and 600 minutes of talktime, or 750MB and 400 minutes. The maximum data allowance involved in the costlier tariffs is 1GB.

Competitor networks 3, Vodafone and Tesco all offer the iPhone 4 with a flat-rate 1GB data allowance, while O2 and T-Mobile both range between 500MB and 1GB, depending on the price and length of the contract. T-Mobile offers 3GB a month with Android phones.

Orange is also offering the iPhone 4 on pay-as-you-go (PAYG) with an upfront cost of £480, plus a £10 top-up. A monthly £10 top-up will net PAYG customers 250MB data allowance and 300 free texts.

iPad users are annoyed at lack of Flash support

Apple might come to regret its decision not to support Adobe’s Flash.

According to a recent survey, researchers at Changewave found that the most common dislike among Ipad owners was the device’s lack of Flash support. Apple’s dear leader Steve Jobs has made it clear that he will not allow devices running Iphone OS to use Adobe’s Flash.

Given that over 80 per cent of respondents in the report claim to use their Ipads for web browsing and almost 50 per cent for viewing video, areas in which Flash is particularly pervasive, it’s not surprising that users find lack of support for the format annoying.

Those who have shelled out big bucks to get their hands on an Ipad may complain about the situation, but given Jobs’ very public spat with Adobe it’s highly unlikely that Adobe will ever see Flash support in the Iphone OS. After Jobs made a number of accusations and false claims about the software, it was revealed why he is so fervently against Adobe’s product when plans for Apple’s own Cocoa fuelled web were outed.

Few would argue that Adobe and its products are open, but given that so many aspects of the web currently depend on it, simply blocking it will, as this report shows, only leave users aggrieved.

Adobe, realising that its relationship with Apple has hit the buffers, decided to cosy up to Google and its open source Android operating system, meaning those who want to enjoy all that the web has to offer can do so by purchasing a device running Android.

The report also dismisses Jobs’ ridiculous claim that the Ipad is a “revolutionary device” by asking users what they do with the shiny toy. Aside from web browsing and watching videos, checking email, playing games and listening to music were all popular Ipad activities, just as they are on netbooks and even the firm’s Iphones and Macbooks.

As Jobs’ Mob decides whether or not to deride this report, it cannot hide from the fact that the road its dear leader has decided to take it down might lead to alienating a significant percentage of its customers.

The fruit themed toymaker is launching the Ipad on May 28 or June 7 depending on which date you believe. That is also the same time that Google is set to release Android 2.2, which features multi-tasking and Adobe’s Flash 10.1, both of which are features absent from Apple’s oversized Iphone without a phone.

Source: the inquirer

Solid gold iPad, *only* £130,000!

The luxury iPad has sparkling gems set into its Apple logo, as well as a solid-gold rear and screen surround.

Fans of the blinged-up device should bring their money with them, however, as Mr Hughes’s 2.1kg unique iPad also weighs in with a hefty price tag of £130,000 – more than 180 times pricier than even the most expensive UK model.

Mr Hughes’s website describes the unique gadget as ‘outstanding even down to the precise polishing to reveal its most beautiful harmonious appearance’.

It continues: ‘A magnificent combination of top-of-the-industry technology and unrivalled craftsmanship was invloved in creating this masterpiece.’

Mr Hughes, 39, from Liverpool, started creating the super-plush gadgets with wife Katherine eight years ago.

He makes the stunning gizmos by casting moulds in the shapes of the gadgets, before pouring in gold to complete the process, which can sometimes take up to six weeks.

The couple offer luxury customised phones, like diamond-encrusted Blackberrys, as well as the ultimate games console – a gold-plated Nintendo Wii ‘Supreme’ costing £300,000.

For those who can’t quite stretch to £130,000, Mr Hughes also offers a budget gold-plated iPad for a mere £2,000.

He said: ‘The process works for objects and gadgets people can relate to, and when we’re finished with the products they can often look bizarre and outrageous.

‘We’ve gone for the higher end of the gadget market. When someone spends £80,000 on an expensive car, they don’t want to drive it home and find their nextdoor neighbour has got the same one.

Source: Daily Mail

3G tariffs announced for UK iPad Customers

Alongside the up-front cost of the device, consumers will have to pay for Wi-Fi access when they leave their home, or sign up for a 3G mobile broadband package.

O2 has announced that it will be offering three tariffs. For £2 a day, iPad owners can access up to 500MB, without having to sign any contract. It also has two monthly payment options: for £10 a month iPad users get 1GB of usage and for £15 they get 3GB. Customers can cancel their contracts – with 24 hours’ notice – at the end of the month.

Orange’s pay monthly option offers a better deal for heavy mobile broadband users with £25 buying 10GB. But all three of O2’s offers come with unlimited Wi-Fi access through hotspots operated by BT Openzone and The Cloud. Only Orange’s pay monthly deals come with Wi-Fi access and they only include a paltry 750MB of Wi-Fi browsing – again through BT Openzone’s network of hotspots.

Vodafonethe last of the three mobile phone networks that will be supporting the iPad when it goes on sale on 28 May, has yet to announce its prices. Figures being quoted on some websites are apparently incorrect, according to a Vodafone spokesman.

Source: Guardian

Apple Announces UK iPad Prices

Have you been waiting eagerly for the iPad to be available outside the U.S.? If so, then today is your day: Apple announced on Friday that it will make the iPad available in nine more countries this summer, as well as dishing on the prices for pre-ordering in the U.K.

Despite the delay in international shipments, on May 28, the iPad will wing its way to Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland, and the U.K. Customers in those countries will be able to pre-order all six iPad models from Apple beginning this coming Monday, May 10. In addition, in July, the iPad will come to Austria, Belgium, Hong Kong, Ireland, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, and Singapore. Prices and pre-ordering details will be available for those countries closer to their availability.
In the U.K., the Wi-Fi-only iPads will sell for £429, £499, and £599 for 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB respectively. The 3G models will go for  £529, £599, and £699 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB. All prices include the U.K.’s Value Added Tax (VAT); the iPads will be available through brick-and-mortar and online Apple Stores, as well as select Apple resellers. There’s no news yet on what the prices of 3G plans in the U.K. will be, though British providers such as Orange, O2, and Vodafone all said last month that they will offer dedicated iPad data plans.
Source: PCWorld

Apple to charge $1 Million for iPhone Mobile Ads

There are pleanty of different advertisement platforms for the iPhone; AdMob, AdWhirl and many more. However, as you may already know, last month Apple have recently acquired Quatro wireless and turned it into iAd.
However, if you own a small business and want to run an advertisement in an iPhone app, you’d better hold onto you wallet for now.    The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple is planning to charge upwards of $1 million for ads within iPhone apps this year, and possibly even more than that to be “among the first”.
Apple plans to charge a small group of marketers up to $10 million each at launch, the report said, citing “a person familiar with the matter.”
Existing mobile ad deals tend to run about $100,000 to $200,000, the article quoted unnamed ad executives as saying.

Apple acquire A4 chip maker to continue innovation

Steve Jobs (SEO of Apple Inc.) recently announced that Apple is the larged mobile device manufacturer in the world, beating the likes of Samsung, Sony and Nokia.

Apple have recently acquired  Intinsity (a small Texan company), the manufacturers for the speedy A4 chip inside the guts of the iPad.  This means that Apple will be able to strive for even faster hardware inside of their mobile devices.

Full article on this, see here.

Marketing your iPhone application after development

We’ve put together some invaluable marketing and advertising tips for your iPhone/iPad application.

Social Networks


Create a Twitter account for your publishing name or applications.  There are many different tools you can use to help you with this, see twitter tools.  (n.b. recent stats show Twitter gets around 18 billion searches a month, there must be some of those people with iPhones, right?!)

You must BE ACTIVE on Twitter, communicate with your fans and you will see your followers grow and grow.


Create a Facebook fanpage and get your friends to join.  Update your fan page with screenshots of your apps and post updates/competitions on your feed/wall.

The Web


Create a small marketing website/blog for your application, make sure you submit the URL for the website in with your App Store submission.  You could use for this (free) or (also free)


Spread the word on iPhone/iPad related forums.  This takes time but it’s free!


Post videos of your app in use on YouTube.  It’s a great way to give your reviews a visual experience of your application and has an insane amount of traffic (approx. 200 million videos watched per day).

Get Beta Testers

Put your application on a beta tester website (such as, release the application to a small group of beta testers to generate some interest in your app.  The testers just might tell their friends or kindly post a link on their Twitter/Facebook feed.

Submit your app to review sites

Many sites will review your application for free, try a google search for “iPhone Review” and try a few of them.  You could even offer them a promo code.

Pay up $$££

Pay for your app to be featured on high traffic websites such as, it’s usually quite inexpensive to get featured on these websites.


Lite versions

Offer a lite (free) version of your app with limited functionality (restrict the levels/information/usage) and advertise the benefits of upgrading throughout your application.


Create competitions with prizes (iTunes vouchers etc) and advertise within your Applications (it could be posting a video on YouTube using your app, signing up to your newsletter or achieving a high score).

Use your friends (if you have any)

Get your friends to submit reviews for your application.  Ask them nicely/bribe with beer to post a link to your website/app store page on their Twitter/Facebook feed.

Open Days

Make your application free for a day or maybe for the weekend.  The app might just get people talking!  It might be a good idea to contact blog owners/review websites and ask nicely for a review, while the app is free.

Eye candy

Make your app icon as attractive/eyecatching as possible.  This is the ONLY visual you will get when potential customers are scrolling through the app store on their iPhone/iPod Touch.

Use the best visuals you can on you app store description page (remember to upload the worst ones first and leave the best ones until last – for some reason the order they appear on the app store after uploading is reversed).

Promotion codes

Offer promotion codes to review websites in exchange for a review (this will only work on US accounts).  You can create promotion codes using iTunes Connect.

Be descriptive

Be sure to tag your app with useful keywords and list the unique selling points of your application in the app store description.

Play with your pricing

Review your competitors apps and get a feel for the price range to sell your app at. Traditionally, posting your app at a £0.59 starting price was a decent tactic but due to the number of apps within the App Store, the chances of getting spotted are minimum.  Don’t be afraid to sell your app for more than your competitors, your description should list all of the unique features to add weight to your app.

Aim for under 20mb

The maximum size of an application that can be downloaded through a 3G connection is currently 20mb (this may change in OS 4.0).  If you try to keep your application under 20mb (could be difficult, depending on your app) you will have a larger target audience.  If you app is over 10mb and the user only has a 3G connection, they will see a message asking them to buy the app later when on a Wifi connection.

Target the lowest platform

Make your app compatible with OS 2.0 if possible.  Recent reports show they many iPhones in the wild are STILL using version 2 of the iPhone OS.

Number crunching your iPhone profits with AppViz

If you’ve used iTunes Connect before (the standard sales reporting facilities provided by Apple), you will know that it’s not very good (to say the least!).

You may want to consider a powerful friend for your sales reporting needs: AppViz.

AppViz will display a list of all your applications for sale within the App Store and will report the following:

  • See your weekly/monthly/3 monthly/6 monthly/annual/total sales
  • Graphical reports to show sales trends
  • Revenue/profit to date
  • Overall review
  • Ability to see reviews from all territorial app stores
  • Upgrade figures

Currently, it’s available through the Ideaswarm website on 30 day trial and is just $29.95 after.  iPhoneConnection is not affiliated with Ideaswarm in any way, but it’s a tool you simply must try as a developer or app owner.

Opera Mini for iPhone: 1 million downloads in 24 hours

The new addition of the iPhone application “Opera Mini” has seen a surge of downloads from all over the world within the first 24 hours of it’s release on the Apple App Store.

The application took three weeks for Apple to approve the application (which is already available on other mobile platforms, such as Android) and is not the only alternative browser for the iPhone.

Opera have not yet developed a version of the application for the iPad, but claim that the browser will work on the iPad too (it should do, since the iPad OS is virtually identical to the iPhone OS).

We at iPhoneConnection have test driven Opera Mini and have found that it’s super quick in comparison to Mobile Safari. Apparently, the images and scripting are subjected to compression in Opera’s cloud infrastructure, before being dispatched to your handset.