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Introducing The Mac|Life Show – LIVE

Hi Everyone,

Starting tomorrow at 1:00PM PDT, we’ll be live streaming our brand new Mac|Life Show. The weekly live show will feature Mac|Life editors taking about our favorite hardware, rumors and anything else we can’t do with the audio podcast.

Like I said before, the show will be live. That means all of our mistakes will be right there for you to see. It’s exciting for us, and of course, a bit scary.

We’re not calling tomorrow’s show episode 1. Instead, it’s episode .25. The show is in early beta. There will probably be technical issues, Flo might curse, and there’s always the chance, a camera or mic will fail.

We decided to do this because we want your input on the show. What do you want us to cover? What segments should be part of the show? This will be your show as much as it is ours. As for technical issues, this is the first time we’re trying this and instead of testing it within the confines of the Mac|Life compound, we figured, let’s just do it and make it better as we go along.

This show is in addition to the weekly audio podcast, and not a replacement for that show.

So join us on our Ustream channel tomorrow at 1:00PM PDT. Together we can create a pretty awesome show.

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