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Rumor: Patents Hint at iMac Touch

Anyone who’s ever followed the emotional roller coaster of Apple’s patents knows that sometimes the Apple Patent falls far from the tree. And sometimes, it hints at completely awesome technology we could never have dreamed possible.

Take, for instance, the lofty claims that Apple has been prepping a touch Mac of sorts. And yet, only two days after Patently Apple dug up a patent for a touchscreen MacBook, they’ve found a patent for a touchscreen iMac.

Whether these Macs will come to fruition or not may be a discussion worth having, but what’s indisputable is that the minds at Cupertino are clearly thinking about touchscreen technology.

While MacBooks could feasibly make sense as touch-enabled computers, iMacs have always been more difficult to imagine. Alas, with the new patent findings it seems our concerns have been addressed, and rather brilliantly.

The idea behind the iMac patents (lovingly dubbed the “iMac Touch”) revolves around a dual-OS device that transitions from mouse and keyboard input to touch-based depending on which position the screen is in. That screen would be able to be pulled down to an angle that would lend itself to less exhausting arm movements. Pulling said screen past a certain angle would activate a rotation sensor mounted on the adjustable stand of the display. And voila, you’ve got a touchscreen iMac.

Though we’ve been skeptical whether such a technology would be practical or ultimately beneficial, the more we see the less we doubt. We’re going crazy dreaming about crazy gorgeous games and drawing straight into Photoshop from an iMac.

Or a MacBook.


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