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Adobe Releases HTML5 Pack for Illustrator CS5

A scant few days after announcing that Adobe was back in the Flash-to-iPhone compiler business, the company let loose word that they’ll also be offering up the ability for web designers to create HTML5-based widgets and whatnot in Illustrator CS5, thanks to a new service pack now available for download. The ability to output HTML 5 content from Illustrator CS5 dovetails nicely with the same ability already enjoyed by Dreamweaver CS5 users. What does it all mean? Given the raging popularity of Adobe’s Creative Suite applications, we can all expect to enjoy the same content-rich online experience no matter which device we choose to prowl the interwebz with.

So is Adobe hedging their bets? We believe that the answer was yes. In the time between when Apple disallowed the use of third-party development software and when it became a viable option again last week, iOS developers illustrated that business as usual could be conducted without the need for Flash. With one of their flagship products shown to be redundant in the face of an emerging standard, its simply smart business on Adobe’s part to offer other options to their product’s users. In the end, putting multiple options in the hands of developers is a win for consumers too, as the quality of the software made available will increase as a result.

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