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iFixit Tears Apart the 11-inch MacBook Air

The MacBook Air is thin, sleek and sexy, and we’re not just talking about its chassis. Inside, there’s a ton of metal and wires that make of the beefy innards of this relatively small notebook. iFixit did a tear down of the MacBook Air 11″ model, and dissected each and every component contained inside the system. Here’s a quick summary of what they discovered.

The large battery that fuels the Air is 35 watt-hours, which is relatively smaller than its predecessor, but since there isn’t a spinning hard drive and the display is smaller this shouldn’t present too much of a problem for battery life.

The 64GB flash storage board can be disconnected from the logic board, though this doesn’t mean that it’ll be easy for you to perform your own fixings–after all, you’ll still have to purchase this completely custom part from Apple HQ. Inside, there are six main chips: four 16GB flash chips and an SSD controller manufactured by Toshiba, and a Micron DDR DRAM cache. The small form factor of the flash storage helps give the air the super-slim profile that so many have already fallen in love with.

As for the WiFi and Bluetooth chips, not much has changed. The onboard fan has definitely gotten smaller, and the MagSafe, USB port and sound card are all a part of one smaller board that connects to the logic board.

The logic board itself houses the following: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.4GHz processor (red), NVIDIA GeForce 320M graphics (orange), and 2GB of RAM (yellow).

For more on taking apart the MacBook Air, visit iFixit’s teardown website.

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iFixit Cracks Open the New Apple TV, Photos Galore

Apple TV 2nd generation teardown
(Images courtesy of iFixit)

While some of us are still waiting for the FedEx truck to arrive with our new toy (er… Apple TV), others have been lucky enough to score theirs already, including the cats over at iFixit, who have taken their precision scalpels to the little black box and have the photos to prove it.

iFixit has completed a teardown of the new second-generation Apple TV
, barely on store shelves yet and with many preorders still jetting around the country en route from China. So what did they find?

In addition to that which is already known — namely that the little box contains HDMI, optical digital audio, Ethernet and Micro USB ports in addition to an internal power supply (yay!) — the new Apple TV draws only 20 percent of the power used by a Mac mini. That should provide some joy to your electric bill, and maybe even the tree-hugging environmentalists as well.

Like the previous Apple TV, there are no outside visible screws to be had — the iFixit team had to make a go of it with metal spudgers to pry the case apart, which wasn’t a heart-pounding nightmare after all. After removing a thermal pad and a few #1 Phillips screws, it appears there may actually be a standard dock connector inside as pictured here — though what, if any, use it may have remains unknown.

Apple TV 2nd generation dock connector?

The most exciting find with the new Apple TV is a Samsung K9LCG08U1M NAND Flash chip, which means the ATV box is equipped with 8GB of RAM. That should come as good news to those already planning to jailbreak the box and possibly add custom apps to it, since 8GB of storage should be more than sufficient for the iOS 4.1 running the box, a buffer to stream HD video and plenty of extra space to spare — particularly when the competing Roku streamer box gets the job done with a paltry 64MB.

Apple TV 2nd generation 8GB RAM

The real question is, can the average user service the new ATV by themselves? “We awarded the 2nd generation Apple TV a coveted Repairability Score of 8 / 10 due to its ease of disassembly, minuscule power consumption, and highly recyclable construction,” iFixit notes, with a 10 being the easiest to repair.

Apple TV 2nd generation open

Now where’s that doggone FedEx driver? Our spudgers are getting twitchy! In the meantime, check out all of the photos at iFixit’s website

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iFixit Tears Apart the 6th Generation iPod nano

Click image to embiggen

If you like seeing Apple products get dissected, then you’ll love the 6th generation iPod nano teardown from iFixit. In typical iFixit style, they break out all of the tools in order to crack open the latest Apple device. Not surprisingly, iFixit notes that the insides of the iPod nano is very similar to the insides of the iPod shuffle, which share an almost identical form factor.

Of course, with a smaller form factor comes repair difficulties. iFixit gave the 6th generation iPod nano a repairability rating of 5 out of 10, with 10 being easiest to repair. This rating was given because the battery connectors are soldered onto the logic board and a heatgun was needed to remove the display.

You can see the full teardown and read notes from iFixit on their website.

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