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Apple Releases Updates for Safari and iDisk, Find My iPhone Apps

We’ve caught wind of a myriad of tres cool software updates pushed live today. For starters, your Safari just got a little more safer, which is great when you’re navigating an internet filled with hungry lions and angry giraffes. The new update fixes an issue that could prevent users from submitting web forms, as well as another issue that could cause web content to display incorrectly when viewing a Google Image result with Flash 10.1. Oh, that pesky Adobe Flash.

Additionally, the new Safari update establishes an encrypted, authenticated connection to the Safari Extensions Gallery. Quick, go get the one that prevents you from ever having to see Comic Sans ever again!

For those of you using Apple apps on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, the official iDisk app also got an update. Version 1.2.1 fixes an issue that prevented package files (like Keynote ones) from opening in their corresponding iPad apps. Rotated images are now shown in the correct orientation when opened.

Also, for those of you paying the annual subscription free for MobileMe, the service has a new update pushed live today that addresses issues when publishing your website from iWeb to MobileMe.

Lastly, Find My iPhone also has an update that adds support for the new iPod touch, translation fixes for French, German and Japanese languages, and various other bug fixes.

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