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New Trailer for Infinity Blade Hits the Internet

After seeing it in action months ago at an Apple press conference, more than a million people downloaded “Epic Citadel,” the skeleton of an app that, until recently, has had no name and no release date. Since the announcement we’ve seen demos, pictures, and even heard an ambiguous release day (Holiday 2010). But now, the cherry on top of our App flavored double scoop: ChAIR Entertainment has just released a trailer. The verdict? You tell us.

Infinity Blade is the first app to utilize the Unreal Engine (Mass Effect, Gears of War, 50 Cent Blood in the Sand) and is easily the most gorgeous app we’ve seen. Infinity Blade will be released sometime in the coming months and features Game Center Integration and an early update will bring a fully integrated multiplayer mode in. We’ll keep you updated as new information rolls in.

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Facebook iOS App Hits 3.3, No iPad Version in Sight

Facebook 3.3 iOS update

Facebook held a mobile-centric event on Wednesday, where they announced a new update to their iOS and Android apps and dashed the hope of many by announcing there still isn’t an iPad-friendly version.

Facebook updated their iOS app to version 3.3 on Wednesday, following a mobile-centric media event earlier in the day where they announced that the new Groups feature would be coming to both iOS and Android, as well as improved Places tagging. The screenshot above is from the new version, with a new menu bar that allows you to easily post photos or status updates from your News Feed, or check in via Places.

The new Facebook 3.3 iOS update is live for at least those of us on the East coast, although the app’s description page currently shows an error about not being available in the U.S. store at the moment — however, the app downloads and updates just fine.

Meanwhile, TechCrunch is reporting that one of the questions posted to Facebook executives Mark Zuckerberg and Erick Tseng today was, “Why no Facebook app for the iPad?” We all know that the full website works just fine on Mobile Safari, but with an iPhone/iPod touch app already available, it would seem to be a no-brainer to make it universal for optimal use on the iPad, right?

Unfortunately, that doesn’t appear to be in the cards.

“The iPad isn’t mobile,” Zuckerberg replied to the inquiry, which must come as a surprise to Apple and the millions of on-the-go users who already own one. Zuckerberg elaborated that Facebook loves working with Apple, but that “the iPad isn’t as mobile as a phone.”

It sounds more likely that Facebook will work on a web-based solution for all tablets, although personally we’d still like to see a universal app come down the pipeline in the future.

Meanwhile, iPhone and iPod touch users have a new update today and presumably Android users will be getting it imminently as well, which brings feature parity to the iOS version at long last.

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Former Apple Employee Hits Ping On The Head

Sometimes after a long weekend or extended vacation, it can be next to impossible to get back into a productive state of mind without a bit of prodding. As we slowly push our brains uphill on this post-Labor Day Tuesday, it’s comforting to know that at least one person out there is willing to do a bit of thinking for us. Let’s give a collective “thank you” to software engineer and former Apple employee Matt Drance for providing us some substantial food for thought. In turning your direction to Drance’s blog, AppleOutsider, you’ll find a well stated argument for why Ping–already a hot button topic in the Apple community–could very well end up being one of Apple’s most popular and influential products.

Drance argues that music has always been a social experience. We share, compare and debate the music we love with those closest to us. For all of the young service’s perceived shortcomings, he states an elegant argument, for how Ping is already leveraging this fact to make Apple boatloads of money to add to their already mighty Cha-Ching armada.

Drance’s post on the topic, while not lengthy, manages to raise some excellent points as to where the service could be headed and forecasts that, based on Ping’s initial success, Apple’s next logical step could be to incorporate it into the iBook Store or App Store. Take the time to check it out. Your holiday addled noggin will thank you for it.