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Solid gold iPad, *only* £130,000!

The luxury iPad has sparkling gems set into its Apple logo, as well as a solid-gold rear and screen surround.

Fans of the blinged-up device should bring their money with them, however, as Mr Hughes’s 2.1kg unique iPad also weighs in with a hefty price tag of £130,000 – more than 180 times pricier than even the most expensive UK model.

Mr Hughes’s website describes the unique gadget as ‘outstanding even down to the precise polishing to reveal its most beautiful harmonious appearance’.

It continues: ‘A magnificent combination of top-of-the-industry technology and unrivalled craftsmanship was invloved in creating this masterpiece.’

Mr Hughes, 39, from Liverpool, started creating the super-plush gadgets with wife Katherine eight years ago.

He makes the stunning gizmos by casting moulds in the shapes of the gadgets, before pouring in gold to complete the process, which can sometimes take up to six weeks.

The couple offer luxury customised phones, like diamond-encrusted Blackberrys, as well as the ultimate games console – a gold-plated Nintendo Wii ‘Supreme’ costing £300,000.

For those who can’t quite stretch to £130,000, Mr Hughes also offers a budget gold-plated iPad for a mere £2,000.

He said: ‘The process works for objects and gadgets people can relate to, and when we’re finished with the products they can often look bizarre and outrageous.

‘We’ve gone for the higher end of the gadget market. When someone spends £80,000 on an expensive car, they don’t want to drive it home and find their nextdoor neighbour has got the same one.

Source: Daily Mail