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Fifty Percent Off Pop Cap Games!

With the shadow of the holiday season looming close, the thoughts of Mac|Life’s editorial staff and stable of writers have turned to thoughts of family, good times, great food and what the heck to buy for the gamer who has everything. While picking up an A-list title for a Mac or console of choice can be touch and go, depending on the tastes of the gamer in your life, casual games of a certain quality are always sure to please. With this in mind, we’re sure that you’ll be thrilled to hear that Pop Cap, makers of some of the finest casual games to be had on any platform or device, is holding a holiday sale, slashing the cost of their maddeningly addictive casual games for Mac and Windows machines by 50%.

All 48 of Pop Cap’s Mac compatible creations are up for grabs at half their regular price until January 3rd 2011, and can be tried on for size before you decide whether or not to buy them. If you or the gamer you love are one of the hard done by few that haven’t yet had the privileged of playing some Peggle or Plants vs. Zombies, this is your chance!


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Valve Adds "Recommended Games" Feature to Steam Functionality

Steam came to Mac OS X this year, and it was good. But as of today, it might get a bit better. Gaming giant Valve has announced the “Recommended For You” referral services on Steam.

The “Recommended For You” services on Steam are designed to help gamers discover new games and DLC (downloadable content) based upon their tastes, recent purchases and recent recommendations by friends.

Recommendations will appear both on the “Recommended For You” pages as well as in your Steam Community News Blotter. In addition, individual game pages will now include Recommendation info, providing gamers with even more information on Steam’s title base.

For full details, check out and happy gaming!


Game Center Games and Their Features

So you got Game Center on your iOS device. Now you have a fancy account. Now which games are available and what are their Game Center Features? We’re diggin through the App Store and trying to get the most up to date information.

The first thing everyone is asking us is, “What games are multiplayer?” So we’ve listed those games first.



Enigmo – Leaderboard /Achievements / Multiplayer

Field Fencer – Achievements / Multiplayer

Cro-Mag Rally – Leaderboard / Achievements / Multiplayer

WordsworthLeaderboard / Achievements / Multiplayer

Nanosaur 2 – Leaderboard / Achievements / Multiplayer

Adrenaline Golf Online – Leaderboard / Multiplayer*

GraalOnline classic+ – Leaderboard / Multiplayer*


*double checking multiplayer feature

The Rest


Zen Bound 2Achievements 

Farmville  – Leaderboards / Achievements

Touchgrind – Leaderboards / Achievements

Ms. PAC-MAN – Leaderboard/Achivements

Flight Control – Leader Board/Schievements

Icarus-X – Leaderboards / achievements

Worldy Wings – Leaderboards / Achivements

Megaplex Madness – Leaderboards / Achivements

PAC-MAN – Leaderboards / Achivements

Cocoto Magic Circus – Leaderboards 

Cannon Challenge 2


Isaac Newton’s Gravity


Apple has added a Game Center page to the App Store. Check it out.


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Interview with Epic Games on Bringing Games to iOS

Epic Games, the brains behind popular games like Unreal Tournament and Gears of War, have decided to compete with gaming companies on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch by bringing games to iOS devices that focus on utilizing the hardware. In an interview with Gamasutra, Epic’s studio president, Mike Capps goes into more detail about the expansion to iOS devices.

The Unreal Engine, the heart of most hardcore games, is making it’s way to iOS devices. Capps explains in the interview that these tools will make their way into the hands of Unreal Engine Developers, which means that games that use Unreal Engine on other platforms (i.e. Xbox, Playstation, etc.) could essentially be ported to run on iOS devices.

Capps notes that some games that push the boundaries of the Xbox, PS3, and other gaming devices will most likely need to rewrite some of the game so that it will work on hardware that doesn’t have as much power.

You can read the interview in its entirety on Gamasutra.

At the Apple Music Event, Epic gave a demo of their forthcoming iPhone/iPad game called Project Sword based on the Unreal Engine. While it won’t be out until later this year, iOS users can download a sneak peak (called Epic Citadel) and explore the environment in amazing detail.

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Epic Games Announces New iOS Game Based on Unreal Engine [Updated]

Epic Games has announced that it is releasing a new game on Game Center that runs on the fabled Unreal Engine. The new game is currently in development under the code name Project Sword. The 3D game is an action-packed role playing adventure that runs in real time. The protagonist will be able to engage in sword battles and use neat swipe controls to get around the levels. The game includes intricate levels of detail that uses the same lighting and motion techniques in movie CGI.

The game will also include the social networking integration of Game Center, including invites and achievements.

[Updated] The free demo [iTunes link] is now available in the iTunes App Store.

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