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Rumor: Civilization V Will Soon Be Available To Mac Gamers

Civilization isn’t so much a game franchise as it is a force of nature. Throughout the game’s various iterations and updates, the the turn-based strategy phenomenon has maintained a reputation for instantly enthralling players, causing millions of hours of sleepless nights, poor time management, the alienation of loved ones and some pretty serious cases of numb-bum.

Given the carnage that Civilization can cause in the lives of people’s lives, you’d think that Mac users, a normally enlightened, productive bunch, would want nothing to do with the latest version of the game, Civilization V. You’d do well to think again: When the game became available to eager PC-based empire builders in mid-September, great sorrow washed over Apple gamers when it became clear that for the time being, a Mac version of the game wouldn’t be available. Quietly weeping, we turned to our Boot Camp partitions to get our game on. Fortunately, the pain and embarrassment of being forced to boot into Windows to play Sid Meier’s latest offering will soon be coming to an end, as Firaxis Games/2K Games has announced that Civilization V will soon be available as an OS X application.

According to MacRumors, a reliable source has commented on the fact that Mac gamers won’t be left out of the Civilization V party for much longer. While there’s still no word on timing or pricing, a rumor, at this point, is better than nothing. For those of our readers who have already purchased the game for Windows, don’t fret–as you most likely noticed when installing it onto your system, Civilization V requires a Steam account in order to complete the software’s registration process. It’s a very good bet that as soon as a version of the game becomes available for OS X, it’ll be made available to early PC adopters for at no cost.


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It's Here: Left 4 Dead 2 Finally Debuts for Mac Gamers

Finally. It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for since Steam arrived for our Macs. The zombie killing, co-op madness of Left 4 Dead 2 has finally hit the Steam store. Currently, only the sequel of this riveting series is available for Mac gamers.

You’ll be able to play as one of four survivors fending off hordes of the “infected” in apocalyptic Southern United States. You and your groupmates must make their way through each campaign, making sure to hit every safe house and checkpoint while you navigate to the rescue vehicle at the campaign’s finale. There are also five different types of boss “infected” in each campaign that you and your teammates must band together to defeat, including The Charger and The Spitter.

If you’re planning on purchasing Left 4 Dead 2, why don’t you play with us this Friday? Frag the Editor Friday will resume as normally, and at least one of the editors here at Mac|Life headquarters will assist you in your quest to stay alive.

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Survey: MacBook Pro #1 with Steam Gamers

It looks as though Apple users, a typically intelligent, tech-savvy and genteel lot (yes, we’re stroking our own egos here,) can add another particular to their growing list of resume foibles: 31337 [email protected]//®. That’s ‘elite gamer’ for all of you out there that don’t hablas l33t speak.

According to a monthly survey conducted by the game mongers at Steam, a growing number of the individuals enjoying their services are doing so on Apple hardware. Over 46% of the Mac gamers accessing Steam’s servers were noted to be using MacBook Pros. The number of individuals getting their pew-pew on with MacBooks and iMacs was almost half of this, with their entries to the survey topping out at 20.25% and 23.18% respectively. The rest of Apple’s computer hardware line fared even worse: Cupertino’s venerable Mac Pro was only able to snag 5.41% of Steam’s Mac traffic, and while the Mac Mini may be the king of a growing number of home theatre systems, the diminutive computer got owned by its Mac cousins, garnering only 3.44% of all Mac traffic on the servers.

While Apple’s most likely thrilled to see so many people getting game on using their hardware, the survey hosted one figure that we’re willing to bet they’re weren’t to happy to see: According to Steam, 96.79% of all users visiting their site on a Mac were still rocking Flash.

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