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Place Your Bets: Calculating the iPad Odds for Black Friday

Black FridayGamblers can find just about any reason to indulge in their favorite temptation, and with the Black Friday shopping season only a week away, odds makers are already placing their own bets on who will be hot this shopping season. is placing bets that even a marginally improved economic outlook will benefit retailers nationwide as Black Friday arrives next week. The day after Thanksgiving is traditionally called “Black Friday” because many retailers count on a flood of customers to finally post a profit for the year heading into the Christmas season.

Retailers aren’t the only ones seeing green leading up to Black Friday, either: CEO Mickey Richardson and his team of experienced odds makers have rounded up a list on who will move the most iPads next Friday, as well as which retailer will report the largest sales overall.


BEST BUY +175 36%
WAL-MART +120 45%
AMAZON.COM +150 40%
APPLE +160 38%






WAL-MART +100 50%
TARGET +120 45.5%
SEARS +175 36.4%
AMAZON +150 40%
KMART +200 33%
BEST BUY +200 33%
MACYS +200 33%







Confused? The experts at reveal that the +/- figure indicates the return of the wager — for example, betting on the candidate least likely to win would earn the most amount of money. The percentage is the likelihood that response will occur.

So who are you placing your bets on?

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Free App Friday: Holiday Traveling

It’s holiday time and you know what that means–legions of families and singletons everywhere traveling back to their home bases for some tasty Turkey, and maybe even to receive a present or two. Of course, traveling around the country may also mean a whirlwind of headaches and missed sleep. But fear not, because this year could really change–all you have to do is enlist the help of your trust iOS device. Well, that is, as long as you’re in an area where there’s some radical reception and strong WiFi. We compiled a list of some of the helpful free travel apps and services out there that’ll help you get to your gate on time and keep your plans in order.



I’ve used this service for the last year or so, and I can guarantee that when we missed that flight to San Diego two months ago, it was not because TripIt was wrong about our flight time–instead, it reminded us that we most definitely didn’t pay attention to the take off time. Even better, when my plane was running late on my way back home from Comic Con, TripIt alerted me before the airline could call with one of their automated messages.

To use the service, all you have to do is forward the emailed itinerary to [email protected], and it’ll instantly upload all that information to the cloud so it’s available for you on the spot. The app allows you to bundle together flights and reservations so that you have ’em all in one place for your next trip out West, and it even pulls up maps and directions for you so all that information is available the instant you need it.


Travel Channel GO

You do not want to be going to Nebraska right now. You’d rather be in Mexico laying on the sandy beaches and soaking up the sun.  Well, it’s not going to happen for you right now, so why not check out the Travel Channel’s GO app to explore the world from your palm? The app features clips from various Travel Channel shows and might even inspire you for your next vacation.


Kayak HD

If you’re in a tiff and need to quickly book a flight away from the torture of your mother, download Kayak HD for the best deals on domestic flights and hotels.


Frag the Editor Friday – ZOMBIES!!! pew pew pew

Steam released Left 4 Dead 2 for the Mac this week. So you can expect Robbie, Flo and Nic to be running around fighting zombies while singing The Cranberries’, “What’s in your head, in your heaaddddd, ZOMBIE ZOMBIE ZOMBIE…”

You get the point.

To join us, just mosey on over to the Mac|Life Steam Group. We’ll start playing at 4:00PM PDT.

Join the Group chat and we’ll invite you to the game we’re playing.

Bonus: Flo will be screencasting a game. She’ll drop the information in the group chat and invite players.


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Frag the Editor Friday – September 17

What are you doing in two hours? Well, that’s cool, but it’s not as cool as hanging out with us on Frag the Editor Friday. Check out what we’re playing this week and join us at 4:00PM PDT/7:00PM EDT! Just send the editors a request in the game on on Game Center if you want to play, or come to our Steam group to see if we’re playing Team Fortress 2.

This week the editors are playing the following:

Ray Aguilera – Strategery, Username: raguilera

Susie Ochs – Enigmo 2 and Words with Friends – Game Center – Username: sfsooz

Florence Ion – Fruit Ninja and Team Fortress 2 from 4:30 – 5:00PM PT

Roberto Baldwin – Enigmo 2 – Game Center – Username: strngwys


See you then!


Free App Friday: Clip It, Clip it Good

There are some applications that you might not need, but the fact remains that they’re free and they can make your life simpler. Well, what we really find that we’re lacking in these days is virtual sticky notes. It’s hard to get things clipped sometimes without having to install a browser extension or open up another application and paste what we’ve copied, but we’ve found some utilitarian clipping apps that are free and help us live our day to day lives by the post it note–just as we wanted it.



Copying and pasting notes on the Mac is a total drag. You either have to open up TextEdit, or download a client like Evernote and then install a bookmarklet or a Firefox extension to have your clippings saved. And while those applications work well for things like images and recipes, they don’t take into consideration how tedious it is to fire them up for something as menial as a simple URL.

Enter Jumpcut, an application that provides “clipboard buffering” and gives you access to text that you’ve cut or copied, even if you end up copying something else. The open source app is then available in the menu bar of your desktop, or it can be set up as a pop up dialog window. Either way, enabling this little kink in your system’s software will definitely give Ctrl + C a whole new meaning. Never forget what you copy ever again!


Notepad for iPad

I am obsessed with sticky notes. I use one every day for my to-do list, and then I write myself little notes later on in the day with bits and pieces of information that I’ll adhere to the inside of my Moleskine calendar or work notebook before I take off for the day. Though it seems redundant, I like to have that functionality on my iPad, too. There’s no harm in having another note taking app on your iOS device if it means you get to have stickies! The mere act of typing my day’s duties on a “sticky” note totally helped me get into the groove, and the fact that I could email my sticky notes and add location updates to them was fabulous. Hey, you can’t do that with real sticky notes, now can you?


iPad and iPhone


Alright, so they’re not exactly apps that you can download, but they are free and they work well at clipping websites you’re browsing on your iPad or iPhone that you might want to share with your friends on your social networks, or add into Instapaper. Here’s a couple that do just that.

How to install them: It requires a little patience and the right maneuvering of your fingers on the touch screen. But basically, navigate to this page in your mobile Safari and copy the Javascript code. Then, you have to create a bookmark and edit it, and afterward add in the Javascript code into the bookmark you’re editing. Got it?

Share on Tumblr

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Add to Instapaper

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Frag the Editor Friday

Hi everyone,

Lately we’ve been playing a lot of Team Fortress 2 on Frag the Editor Friday. Okay, it’s really all we’ve been playing. This week we’re going to mix it up and have the editors playing different games, giving our readers the opportunity to play against us without having to delve into the face-shooting world of FPS.

So pick an editor and get ready to battle:

Roberto Baldwin & Nic Vargus – Steam – Team Fortress 2 – Mac|Life Steam Group – Join the group chat room to be invited to the game.

Ray Aguilera – Enigmo – Game Center & Strategery- Username: raguilera – Will announce on his Twitter feed when he’s ready for another game.

Susie Ochs – Words with Friends & Strategery – Will be accepting new games over the weekend – Username: sfsooz

Florence Ion – Cro Mag Rally – Game Center – Username: Ohthatflo – Will announce on her Twitter feed when she’s ready for another game.

The editors will begin playing at 4:00PM PDT.


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