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Frag the Editor Friday – ZOMBIES!!! pew pew pew

Steam released Left 4 Dead 2 for the Mac this week. So you can expect Robbie, Flo and Nic to be running around fighting zombies while singing The Cranberries’, “What’s in your head, in your heaaddddd, ZOMBIE ZOMBIE ZOMBIE…”

You get the point.

To join us, just mosey on over to the Mac|Life Steam Group. We’ll start playing at 4:00PM PDT.

Join the Group chat and we’ll invite you to the game we’re playing.

Bonus: Flo will be screencasting a game. She’ll drop the information in the group chat and invite players.


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Frag the Editor Friday – September 17

What are you doing in two hours? Well, that’s cool, but it’s not as cool as hanging out with us on Frag the Editor Friday. Check out what we’re playing this week and join us at 4:00PM PDT/7:00PM EDT! Just send the editors a request in the game on on Game Center if you want to play, or come to our Steam group to see if we’re playing Team Fortress 2.

This week the editors are playing the following:

Ray Aguilera – Strategery, Username: raguilera

Susie Ochs – Enigmo 2 and Words with Friends – Game Center – Username: sfsooz

Florence Ion – Fruit Ninja and Team Fortress 2 from 4:30 – 5:00PM PT

Roberto Baldwin – Enigmo 2 – Game Center – Username: strngwys


See you then!


Frag the Editor Friday

Hi everyone,

Lately we’ve been playing a lot of Team Fortress 2 on Frag the Editor Friday. Okay, it’s really all we’ve been playing. This week we’re going to mix it up and have the editors playing different games, giving our readers the opportunity to play against us without having to delve into the face-shooting world of FPS.

So pick an editor and get ready to battle:

Roberto Baldwin & Nic Vargus – Steam – Team Fortress 2 – Mac|Life Steam Group – Join the group chat room to be invited to the game.

Ray Aguilera – Enigmo – Game Center & Strategery- Username: raguilera – Will announce on his Twitter feed when he’s ready for another game.

Susie Ochs – Words with Friends & Strategery – Will be accepting new games over the weekend – Username: sfsooz

Florence Ion – Cro Mag Rally – Game Center – Username: Ohthatflo – Will announce on her Twitter feed when she’s ready for another game.

The editors will begin playing at 4:00PM PDT.


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