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Do Some Plane Scouting With This Augmented Reality Plane Finder App

We’ve talked about augmented reality iPhone apps here before, but Plane Finder AR has to be one of the coolest we’ve seen yet. This application lets you find planes in the air by pointing the camera on your iPhone (or now, iPod touch) in the air near a plane. When you do, a heads up display will show you information about the plane, including flight number, aircraft registration, speed, altitude and how far away it is.

While there’s already an application that does something similar, this is the first application that overlays this data on the camera, giving you an augmented reality view of your surroundings. This app uses the ADS-B transmission technology found on commercial airplanes to get the information and relay it to your iOS device.

Unfortunately, this application won’t be usable in all locations, but the fact that you can now hold your iPhone up to the sky to get information about planes flying in the area is extremely cool. You can check the coverage map on

Click to embiggen image.

We tried the application, but in San Francisco, the application couldn’t find any planes. Before purchasing this application, we suggest visiting to see if the application will work in your area.

You can find the app in the App Store for £1.79 (.79).


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