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Upcoming Table Embiggens Your iPhone Experience

Ignoring the iPhone’s diminutive size, Steve Jobs recently commented on the fact that the when it comes to touch-based devices, size is everything. During an earnings call with the company’s investors and the media, Jobs quipped about the disdain he held for touchscreen devices with less than seven inches of screen real estate, saying “While one could increase the resolution of the display to make up for some of the differences, it is meaningless unless your tablet also includes sandpaper, so that the user can sand down their fingers to around one-quarter of their present size.” Either out of respect for Jobs’ unfaltering sympathy for hot dog-fingered tech users, or a dire fear of sandpaper, a group of intrepid developers have undertaken the development of a new way to work Apple’s smallest touchscreen device.

It’s big. Literally.

Tablet Connect utilizes a jailbroken iPhone, a mission-specific app and an enormous custom-built 56-inch capacitive touch screen table to embiggen your iPhone interface to a size that would make even Paul Bunyan’s meaty digits feel right at home. According to the developer’s website, by hooking your jailbroken iPhone to the table’s built-in dock connector (now there’s a lawsuit waiting to happen) you’ll be able to every aspect of your iPhone. At this point, only a prototype mock up of Table Connect has seen the light of day. However, the device’s developer has posted a countdown clock to their site, promising a big reveal in just a little bit over four days from now. When it happens, you know we’ll be there to bring you up to speed on it.


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First Look At Concept Art For Tron Experience At Disneyland


(Image courtesy of

You knew it was only a matter of time.  It was three years ago that the first test footage of Tron: Legacy premiered at Comic-Con.  Wouldn’t it be something to be able to experience something of that caliber first hand?  If all goes well for the merry band of Disney Imagineers, the Tron: Legacy experience could soon be coming to Disneyland, according to Slash Film.

Disney has already changed up the monorails in Orlando to become light bikes, to help promote the upcoming release.  Other rumors on the docket are that Flynn’s Arcade will become a part of Tomorrowland, there’ll be a refresh of the People Movers and perhaps even a new Tron: Legacy ride.

Below are some images courtesy of Slash Film that give a glimpse into some of the concept art for ElecTRONica:




ElecTRONica is going to be a nighttime dance party/experience that’ll happen every Friday, Saturday and Sunday coming this fall at Hollywood Pictures Backlot in Disney California Adventure park starting October 8th, 2010.  Here’s a further breakdown on the experience according to the DisneyParks Blog:

It’s an “electrifying” experience for the entire family, filled with music, lights and some of your favorite food and beverage, all set amidst the captivating world of “TRON: Legacy!”  From a dazzling dance club under the stars to an authentic recreation of Flynn’s Arcade to some radical gaming, it’s like nowhere else on the grid!  Each night, we’ll feature live entertainers, complete with lasers, glow accessories and the hottest music ever to rock the grid.  ElecTRONica is “the” place to dance the night away in a fantastic world that only Disney can create. Highlights for the entire family will definitely be Flynn’s Video Arcade, face painting and the TRON: Evolution video game area.  TRON fans and families can also enjoy the party seven days a week during Thanksgiving week and Christmas week.

As far as an actual ride, Disney’s President of Production/Tron Legacy producer Sean Bailey had this to say at Comic-Con:

“We don’t know yet. Look, as a kid, I went to the park like you. Certainly, the idea that something you worked on is ultimately one day at the park, what a thrilling possibility. These rides take a lot of time, a lot of energy, and a lot of thinking to do them at the level our Imagineers so brilliantly do. So I think it’s kind of in the thinking about stage, but man, I would love it if it became a reality one day.”

As would we Sean, as would we!

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