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Apple Streaming Back to the Mac Event Live

Back the Mac signage
(Image courtesy of 9to5Mac)

Nothing like keeping us in suspense, but better late than never: Apple has confirmed that today’s “Back to the Mac” event will be streamed live.

9to5Mac is reporting that Apple will provide a live video stream of today’s “Back to the Mac” media event, which begins at 10am PST (1pm EST). This is good news to Apple fans, who have been kept in suspense almost until the last moment.

In years past, Apple usually streamed their media events live, but more recently we’ve had to enjoy liveblogs of the event from tech journalists in attendance. That appears to have changed now, with Apple streaming their September 1 music-centric event and now the Back to the Mac event marks the second one in a row.

Unfortunately, only the Apple faithful are invited — the live stream requires Safari on Mac OS X 10.6, an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Sorry, Windows users!

Press release follows, get your credit cards at ready!

Media Alert
Apple to Provide Live Video Streaming of Today’s Event
What: Live video stream of Apple’s October 20 event
When: Wednesday, October 20, 2010, 10:00 a.m. PDT

Live Video Streaming

Apple® will broadcast its October 20 event online using Apple’s industry-leading HTTP Live Streaming, which is based on open standards. Viewing requires either a Mac® running Safari® on Mac OS® X version 10.6 Snow Leopard®, an iPhone® or iPod touch® running iOS 3.0 or higher, or an iPad™. The live broadcast will begin at 10:00 a.m. PDT on October 20, 2010 at

This broadcast is the property of Apple and is protected by US copyright law and international treaties. Any reproduction or distribution is strictly prohibited without prior written approval from Apple. Please contact Apple Public Relations with any questions.

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Apple Event Invite Points to Top Secret Security Technology

Since Apple announced their event set for this upcoming Wednesday, the interwebz have been all abuzz with rumors surrounding what may be unveiled. With the iPhone and the iPad having stolen the spotlight from Apple’s laptop and desktop computers over the past year, it’s high time that Macs once again got their due. Lucky for us, it appears from the event’s name–Back to the Mac–that’s exactly what Cupertino has in mind.

But what form will Apple’s efforts take?

Some say that we’ll see a revamped 11.6 inch version of the MacBook Air and refreshes of iWork and iLife. Others feel that the artwork that came with the Back to the Mac announcement heralds the arrival of the latest update to Apple’s kitty-powered operating system.

Sorry, but being the experts that we are, we can tell you that the outlook for all of the above-mentioned products is bleak. Sure, OS X is due for a refresh, but it won’t happen this Wednesday. A smaller MacBook Air? Really? Didn’t Steve Jobs already tell us that netbooks aren’t good at doing anything? iLife and iWork? Honestly, do you think that’s what Apple plans to unleash on holiday shoppers this year?


No friends, the Mac has sat on the sidelines for far too long for Apple to bother with something as quaint as a product refresh or upgrade. It’s time to innovate. It’s time to change the personal computing landscape. Ignore the rumors and look past the hype.

It’s time for something completely different.

By analyzing the artwork associated with Apple’s Back to the Mac event and talking to a number of our sources working out of the the company’s Cupertino design facility, Mac|Life has pieced together what’s coming. Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for A-LIoN, or if you will, Apple’s “Automated Laser Intervention Nexus” system.

That’s right: The company that gave birth to the personal computer revolution and changed the face of the music industry is thinking different once again. This time around, Apple’s putting military-grade laser technology in the hands of the consumer.

It goes without saying, of course, that this changes everything.

According to Mac|Life sources well-versed on the matter, A-LIoN is the result of Apple’s long-standing relationship with a number of government agencies, including NASA and the U.S. Army. By incrementally reducing the size and number of ports on their computers, while at the same time increasing the heft and capacity of their laptop batteries, Apple’s hardware engineers have figured out how to jam a complex laser-based computer anti-theft and personal protection system into the the full spectrum of Mac hardware.

How does it work? We thought you’d never ask.

Utilizing the space allotted by an outer shell uncluttered by banal features such as dedicated microphone jacks or additional USB ports, Apple has equipped their latest desktop and portable computers with enough lasers emitters to ensure a 360 degree sphere of death-ray-based protection for both the computer user and their beloved device.

To ensure that users would never be forced to choose between sheer firepower and the iconic clean lines of Apple’s industrial design, the Cupertino-based tech company leveraged their exclusive rights to an alloy purchased from Liquidmetal Technologies earlier this year, developing a energy-permeable metallic membrane that A-LIoN’s lasers are able to fire through without the need for emitter apertures which would ruin the Mac’s otherwise perfect unibody design. Knowing this, the message behind the Back to the Mac artwork becomes clear: the power and fury of a lion hidden away by the beauty of brushed steel.


As with all Apple products, A-LIoN couldn’t be easier to use. Thanks to the technology’s simple user-interface, dealing with even the most terrifying of crimes is an exercise in simplicity. By using either a Magic Mouse or a multi-touch track pad, all a Mac user need do is simply swipe in the direction of an assailant and A-LIoN will unleash a devastating laser attack.

Even when you’re away from your Mac, A-LIoN has you covered. Using the same facial recognition technology already integrated into Aperture and iPhoto, A-LIoN can tell friend from foe. This allows authorized computer users to enjoy their computing experience in perfect safety, while keeping undesirables at bay, first with a warning shot, and then should they not move away from your Mac, continuing on to slice them up like so much lunch meat.

Needless to say, we’re utterly stoked.


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Live Blog: Apple's Back to the Mac Special Event

Join us on Wednesday, October 20 at 10:00AM PDT as we live blog Apple’s Back to the Mac event.

We’re expecting Steve and company to announce the next major OS X upgrade and judging from their invite, we’re pretty sure it’s going to called Lion.

There are also rumblings of a new MacBook air being introduced.

We’ll all find out soon enough. See you then.




Apple Posts September 1 Media Event Video

September 1 media event
(Image courtesy of MacRumors)

Feeling a bit of a techno hangover this morning after waiting up last night for iTunes 10 to finally rear its head? Maybe you’re ready to relive the day’s fun all over again? Apple has you covered, as the full stream from Wednesday’s media event is now online.

MacRumors is reporting that Apple has posted the full stream from the Wednesday, September 1 media event which brought a shotgun blast of new products in rapid-fire succession, ranging from iOS updates to new iPods to a tiny new Apple TV.

Yesterday’s live stream of the media event at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco was limited to Mac OS X 10.6 and iOS users exclusively, but Apple is now providing the stream in multiple formats that can be viewed by most any Mac or Windows computer, and a podcast of the event is also available for download via iTunes (you’re rocking iTunes 10 already, right?).

One thing we’ll say for Wednesday’s media event: It sure wasn’t a long, boring drawn-out shindig! Steve Jobs kept the new stuff coming fast and furious and squeezed an awful lot of goodness into 90 minutes of showtime. While we have iTunes 10 to tide us over, the wait now begins for all the new products to trickle out to stores — iOS 4.1 and new iPods next week, the new Apple TV in four weeks and last but not least, iOS 4.2 in November, which promises feature parity at last with the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Sing it with us now: “The waiting is the hardest part…”

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Apple Live Streaming September 1 Event (And We're Liveblogging It!)

Apple just announced that it will be live streaming its music event tomorrow morning. The video feed will be available through Apple’s own HTTP Live Streaming, which is based on open standards. You’ll need a Mac running Safari on Mac OS X 10.6, and iPad, or an iPhone or iPod touch with iOS 3.0 or higher to view the feed. The live broadcast will begin at the same time as our live blog, 10am.

However, should your browser crash and render itself unable to buffer the live stream, the Mac|Life staff will be there liveblogging the entire event. Additionally, if your boss is over there checking over your shoulder to see if you’re slaving away, making sure every minute counts while you’re on the clock, you might want to put away the live stream video and check out our text and photo liveblog. It’s quieter and easier to conceal. You can also view it on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. And if you’re stuck on a PC at work or school, our liveblog works on that platform, too! So does our Twitter feed!

See you all tomorrow!

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Live Blog: Apple's Music Event

Join us on Wednesday September 1 at 10:00AM PDT for our live coverage of Apple’s Special Event.

We’re expecting new iPods, an updated iTunes and maybe, just maybe a brand new Apple TV.

See you then.



Yerba Buena Center Gets Prepped for Wednesday Apple Event

Yerba Buena prep for Sept. 1, 2010
(Image courtesy of MacRumors and Wired)

Can you feel the excitement in the air? Apple has a media event coming on Wednesday, September 1 and if you happen to live anywhere near the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco where it’s all going down, you might have seen a preview of what’s to come.

MacRumors is reporting that prep work for the September 1 event has already begun at the Yerba Buena Center, as seen in the photo above from Wired. In keeping with Apple tradition, the side of the building has been decorated with an enormous banner showing the same guitar-themed artwork featured on the company’s media invitation sent out earlier in the week.

No one knows for sure what Apple will introduced next Wednesday when the event kicks off at 10:00AM PDT, but new iPods and a new version of iTunes are the most likely candidate. Also churning in the rumor mill is a new Apple TV device, cheaper TV show rentals, a new version of iLife and even more.

If you simply can’t wait for next Wednesday, have a look at our own theories on what Apple will be introducing, then feel free to come back here and propose your own in the comments.

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iTunes Social Networking Functionality May Be Unveiled at Next Week's Music Event

If you’ve been pining and praying for Apple’s impending music Event to finally herald the advent of iTunes Music streaming from the clouds on high, you might end up a wee bit disappointed, especially if Peter Kafka over at All Things D is correct.

According to Kafka, we’re most likely going to see a major overhaul of iTunes next week, but instead of the from-the-cloud-service that many of us have been dreaming of, the changes to the venerable media application may be aimed more towards social media functionality and the way in which we purchase media from the iTunes Store.

Why no streaming?

Kafka cites a number of facts, chief of which is that Apple has yet to sign any new licensing deals with their music partners that would allow the catalogues we are currently able to download on to our computers to be streamed to our devices anywhere we go. It could be that the negotiations have been going on in secret–Apple does, after all, enjoy a bit of mystery in their upcoming product stew–but it seems unlikely. Just look to the recent rumors that they’re attempting to negotiate dirt cheap TV show rentals for the iTV. It’s easy to see that attempting to launch a product without at least a little product information leaking out has become close to impossible for the company. In recent years, Apple has become to big and too popular to plug every single leak out there when a product is coming down the pike. They’re simply too many ardent fanboys out there that just gotta know what’s going on.

Kafka’s sources speculate that next week when Steve Jobs takes to the stage at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater, it’ll be to announce, among other things, that iTunes will have some pretty tight integration with a number of the social media applications many of us are already familiar with:

“…people I’ve talked to are making informed guesses. That said, music sources tell me they’re expecting a lightweight, Web-based version of the iTunes store. The new version would be designed to synch up easily with the rest of the Internet and make it much easier for customers to share their musical tastes (but not songs) with friends.”

The All Things D piece also mentions that there is industry buzz around a rumor that wireless music syncing may also be soon be enjoyed by all iOS device users, and not those who have chosen to walk the rocky, but rewarding path of the jailbreaker

So, to sum up, if Kafka and his sources are correct, our attention is being called to bear on the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater to reveal that iTunes is gaining a “Like” button and we don’t need to worry about our co-workers stealing borrowing our sync cables anymore? That’s a little bit underwhelming to say the least. Let’s just hope that some other predictions about what will be revealed during next week’s event prove true–we could use some more Apple excitement to balance out all the mediocre that could be close to being laid at our feet