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Analyst Predicts Android Tablet Dominance

We’ve gotten accustomed to take the words of Gene Munster, Senior Research Analyst at Piper Jaffray, with a grain or block of salt or two upon occasion. There have been a couple instances where his numbers sound like they were arrived at by reaching into a hat and pulling something out. His latest analysis though, sounds right about dead-on.

In a recent sit down with Business Insider, Munster talked tablets, and made what don’t seem like remarkably wild predictions. The two talked how the tablet market is going to essentially burn the netbook market to the ground, pummel the laptop market, and even give the desktop market a big of a shake up. Strong words, but with the iPad adoption rates smoking that of the DVD, not all that far out there, we think.

android is coming

Image Source: New Hi-Tech

Of course, Apple isn’t the only player in the game. What Munster predicts is that the iPad tablet story will play out like the iPhone saga. A year, maybe a little more, of complete Apple dominance with their head start on the game. Then comes the shift. It’ll probably start slow as other manufacturers fumble around seeking out the sweet spot in form factors and features, but things will pick up when they find their footing.

Munster doesn’t see much of a future for Microsoft in this realm, pitting Google in that role, as Android-licensed tablets flood the market hitting every price point, size, feature, and taste out there. While you can only get one iPad (with slight variations on size and connectivity), Android tablets will be bigger, smaller, thinner, more colorful, and so on. Simply more choices will appeal to more people.

Like we said, we don’t necessarily buy everything Munster sells, but this story sounds all too plausible.