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Viacom Doesn't Like TV Rental Plan Either; CBS Possibly Open To It


Apple’s 99 cent rental plan just isn’t getting a whole lot of love from TV execs.  Yesterday it was Jeff Zucker and now Viacom and CBS aren’t exactly giving the new plan hugs and kisses either. 

“The 99-cent rental is not a good price point,” stated Viacom CEO Philipe Dauman.  “It doesn’t work for us.”

Viacom operates cable networks such as Comedy Central and Nickelodeon, and Viacom “invests heavily to produce its content,” notes Dauman.  Viacom is looking to up its investment in original content.

“We value our content a lot,” said Dauman.  “We don’t think Apple has it quite right yet.”


Over at CBS, CEO Les Moonves, is still being a bit wishy-washy about the subject.  Moonves expressed compliments toward Apple, but wants to see how the other networks involved, fare first.

“What we said to them — and the Apple guys are terrific and obviously the application is terrific — is let us see what happens,” noted Moonves.  “There are two networks in and two networks not in.  Let’s see what happens and maybe we’ll talk again in January, maybe we’ll talk again next year.”

As for the networks that have actually agreed to the deal so far, FOX and ABC, COO of FOX, Chase Carey said “I think we have to be willing to test some things,” and that they were willing to take a “short-term” risk on the rental plan.

Walt Disney Co. CEO Robert Iger wants his company to be a leader in adopting digital technology.  “We made a decision five years ago — actually when I got this job — that we would be much better off aligning with technology companies than fighting them,” he said.

“We think the rest of the studios will see the light and get on board pretty fast,” noted Apple CEO Steve Jobs on September 1st.

Time will certainly tell!

via AppleInsider

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iTunes 10 Doesn’t Play Nice with Automator — But There’s a Workaround


It looks like it isn’t all wine and roses for iTunes 10: Among the complaints about the new icon, colorless interface and removal of 99-cent ringtone creation, a legitimate bug has surfaced between the media player and Automator.

Macworld is reporting that iTunes 10 doesn’t want to play nice with Automator anymore, causing actions from the E-Z scripting application to no longer load. It doesn’t matter if you use an existing Automator workflow or create a new one — iTunes 10 simply isn’t having any of it and they will fail to execute.

Although the bug doesn’t appear to affect AppleScript support within iTunes, any attempt to create a new workflow within Automator that includes an iTunes action won’t work. In fact, iTunes actions don’t even appear in the actions library when iTunes 10 is installed.

Turns out that what’s happening is that Automator’s version checking actually thinks iTunes 10 is a lower version of the software, according to TUAW. The bug appears because the version numbers are sorting alphabetically instead of numerically, which means some poor programmer is likely having a bad Friday being punished for his sins at Apple.

MacFixIt has posted a workaround for the issue which involves opening up the Info.plist files inside packages for your Automator workflows and manually editing the version numbers. Not exactly fun if you have a bunch of them, but if you depend on Automator to make iTunes 10 do what you want, there’s not much other choice for the time being.

We’re fairly confident that a real fix is probably making the rounds at Apple headquarters even as we write this — only time will tell when it actually rears its head in Software Update to squash this issue (and probably others waiting to be discovered)…

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