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Why Facebook Didn't Take the iTunes Ping Deal

Yesterday, we reported that Apple and Twitter had entered into a partnership whereby Ping users could have their likes, updates, and purchases tweeted using their Twitter account, and users on the social micro-blogging service would be able to listen to song previews right from the Twitter web interface. But, why did Apple not choose Facebook over Twitter? After all, there are many more Facebook users than Twitter.

Apple had been eying Facebook since the beginning, but perhaps due to terms in the agreement between the two companies, that deal didn’t last.

Today, however, Fast Company is giving us some insight into why the Twitter-Ping deal worked and why Facebook may have been hesitant to accept Apple’s offers.

According to the blog, Facebook may have been hesitant to give Apple access to it’s over half-billion users. Even though iTunes users trust Apple enough to give them credit card information — something, the blog notes, no social network has been able to achieve up to this point.

Fast Company also notes that Twitter and Ping may have been the best fit for both companies, because of minimalist design of Twitter, and the fact that Twitter has yet found a good way to make money on the social networking service. With this partnership, you may soon be able to purchase songs right from your browser in Twitter, which may in turn give Twitter a cut of the iTunes purchases.

You can read more information about Fast Company’s take on the Ping deal on their website.