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Apple’s Policy on LCD Screen Dead Pixels Gets Outed

Apple dead pixel policy
(Image courtesy of BGR)

If you have any Apple device with a screen, you’ve probably feared what might happen should the unit develop a dead pixel or three. As it turns out, Cupertino has a policy in place which has just been made public, used to decide if the unit should be repaired or replaced,

BGR got their hands on “Apple’s internal policy on acceptable numbers of pixel anomalies,” which was recently updated according to one of their sources. The screenshot above is used as a guideline by Apple Store Geniues in order to address repair issues involving a display.

“It essentially allows them to quickly and easily determine whether or not to repair or replace products with display defects,” the BGR report explains. “Apple provides its employees with a table showing the acceptable number of pixel anomalies for each product range.”

It would appear that the smaller the display, the more Apple is willing to address the problem. BGR uses the example of the iPhone and iPod, for which one single pixel anomaly is enough to get the unit repaired or even replaced, while the MacBook Air can have up to three light pixels, five dark pixels or a total of seven combined anomalies before they’re eligible for service.

However, even if the number of pixel anomalies are within the acceptable range, an Apple Genius has the option to exchange your afflicted product for another — but the bad news is, if the exchange unit also has anomalies within their acceptable range, you’re basically stuck with it. Good to know!

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It's Here: Left 4 Dead 2 Finally Debuts for Mac Gamers

Finally. It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for since Steam arrived for our Macs. The zombie killing, co-op madness of Left 4 Dead 2 has finally hit the Steam store. Currently, only the sequel of this riveting series is available for Mac gamers.

You’ll be able to play as one of four survivors fending off hordes of the “infected” in apocalyptic Southern United States. You and your groupmates must make their way through each campaign, making sure to hit every safe house and checkpoint while you navigate to the rescue vehicle at the campaign’s finale. There are also five different types of boss “infected” in each campaign that you and your teammates must band together to defeat, including The Charger and The Spitter.

If you’re planning on purchasing Left 4 Dead 2, why don’t you play with us this Friday? Frag the Editor Friday will resume as normally, and at least one of the editors here at Mac|Life headquarters will assist you in your quest to stay alive.

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Valve Announces new Left 4 Dead DLC, Oct 5 Mac Release

This morning, Valve announced a new add-on for its immersive, co-op zombie killing game, Left 4 Dead. “The Sacrifice” is due for release on October 5 and will continue to chronicle the struggle between the remaining Left 4 Dead survivors as they make their way to the South. “The Sacrifice” will also introduce a new style of finale gameplay called “Sacrificial Gameplay”, where the players can device who will give their life so that other may live.

Hidden within this news is the announcement that this DLC will be available for Mac users, after all:

The DLC “The Sacrifice” will be available for the XBOX 360, PC, and Mac on October 5th. It will include the new Campaign “The Sacrifice” and the Left 4 Dead 1 campaign, “No Mercy”. In both campaigns you will be able to play as the Left 4 Dead 1 Survivors but you will be using Left 4 Dead 2 weapons and items against Left 4 Dead 2 monsters!

You can’t have DLC for a game without the game being available for the platform.

Hooray! Finally, no more waiting to partake in a little bit of zombie killing.

We’re waiting on confirmation from Valve, just in case the release date is a mistake. Fingers crossed.

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