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Google Voice to Become Comeback Kid In App Store

GV Mobile, the unofficial Google Voice application, may actually make it back to the App Store after all. After the GV Mobile application was pulled by Apple almost 2 years ago, along with the Official Google Voice application (which never made it past the approval process), many Google Voice users wondered if they would ever see the Google Voice functionality in an app on their iOS devices. But a recent tweet by GV Mobile application developer, Sean Kovacs, revealed that Apple has finally broken their silence about Google Voice on the App Store.

Good news: I did get confirmation back from Apple that it will most likely get back in once I resubmit,” tweeted Sean Kovacs.

This definitely is good news for the many Google Voice users who patiently await either an official or unofficial solution for dialing numbers through Google Voice. GV Mobile allows you to call contacts in your Google Voice address book or your iPhone address book through your Google Voice number, send and receive text messages through your Google Voice number, and retrieve your voicemail.

There’s no word yet on when (or even if) Apple will approve the app for the App Store, but Kovas remains hopeful that the application may be back on the App Store in a week.

Apple’s change of heart may be linked to the new developer guidelines that were published yesterday, but there’s no word yet on if this is the case.


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