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Google Brings Chrome Extension to iPhone, Goggles Could Be Next

If you use Chrome instead of Safari and have an iPhone, we’ve got an extension for you. The Chrome to iPhone extension adds a little button to your toolbar that shares the URL of the page you’re at with your iOS device. Android users have had the extension for a while, with Chrome to Phone.

The iPhone iteration isn’t quite as good as what Android users get–for instance, it doesn’t allow you to send links, maps, selected text, or phone numbers to your deivce, nor does it automatically notify you when you’ve sent content. You have to launch a shortcut created on your iPhone, and it only works with URLs.

But, it is easy, and it is free, so who are we to complain! If you don’t use Chrome and want an alternative app that does a little more, check out PasteFire–it’s also free right now.

Also, another app from Google might be on the way to your iPhone. Google Goggles uses your mobile camera to search the Web.

How exactly does the app work? Just point your camera at a book, and you’ll get a summary of its contents and shopping results. Choose a landmark instead, and get its history. There’s also a Layar style overlay called Nearby Places that overlays labels on businesses in your viewfinder. Sounds like augmented reality at its finest, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately for now, it’s just a rumor. David Petrou, an engineer at Google, just mentioned it in passing while speaking at the Hot Chips conference at Stanford on Monday. He said it could be released for the iPhone by the end of 2010, and even then it would have to survive Apple’s chopping block. But hey, we can always hope!

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