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Game Center Badges Coming to iOS 4.2

Figuring out which games are available for Game Center can be tough. Fortunately, Game Center compatbility-badges are coming to the App Store in iOS 4.2, so you’ll know exactly which games offer Game Center achievements while you’re shopping around.

Well, this will certainly make things a bit easier.

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Fruit Ninja Updated for Game Center, Banana Mode Coming Soon

The Fruit Ninja 1.4 update was released to the App Store today, adding multiplayer support for Game Center. Battle your friends and enemies in an all new network multiplayer mode that throws blue fruits and red fruits at your screen. Slice away at your blue fruit while avoiding your opponents red fruit. The regular rules of the game still apply in multiplayer mode, such as bonuses and combo fruits.

In addition, Halfbrick, the developer of Fruit Ninja, announced that a new secret Banana mode is nearing completion and when it’s release it will add new leaderboards and achievements.

If you have Fruit Ninja on your iPhone or iPod touch running iOS 4.1, you can download this update for free by going to the App Store (on your device) and clicking Updates.

You can learn more about Game Center multiplayer by checking out our Complete Guide to Game Center on iOS.

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Game Center Goes Live, Ms. PAC-MAN Gobbles First Spot

With the release of iOS 4.1 today, many are scrambling to download and play Game Center games with their non-iPhone 3G using friends. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of games to choose from right now, but a member on the Touch Arcade Forums is documenting the approved games as they become available in iTunes.

Currently there are 28 games that have announced support for Game Center, but only one has been approved as of now: Ms. PAC-MAN [iTunes Link]. Currently, Ms. PAC-MAN supports Game Center’s achivements and leaderboards. With this you can show off your high score with friends and earn achivement points.

As you may know, Game Center gives games the ability to have multi-player modes, VoIP, leader boards, achievements, and more.

Stay tuned to Mac|Life for more information on Game Center and newly release games.

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Game Center Games and Their Features

So you got Game Center on your iOS device. Now you have a fancy account. Now which games are available and what are their Game Center Features? We’re diggin through the App Store and trying to get the most up to date information.

The first thing everyone is asking us is, “What games are multiplayer?” So we’ve listed those games first.



Enigmo – Leaderboard /Achievements / Multiplayer

Field Fencer – Achievements / Multiplayer

Cro-Mag Rally – Leaderboard / Achievements / Multiplayer

WordsworthLeaderboard / Achievements / Multiplayer

Nanosaur 2 – Leaderboard / Achievements / Multiplayer

Adrenaline Golf Online – Leaderboard / Multiplayer*

GraalOnline classic+ – Leaderboard / Multiplayer*


*double checking multiplayer feature

The Rest


Zen Bound 2Achievements 

Farmville  – Leaderboards / Achievements

Touchgrind – Leaderboards / Achievements

Ms. PAC-MAN – Leaderboard/Achivements

Flight Control – Leader Board/Schievements

Icarus-X – Leaderboards / achievements

Worldy Wings – Leaderboards / Achivements

Megaplex Madness – Leaderboards / Achivements

PAC-MAN – Leaderboards / Achivements

Cocoto Magic Circus – Leaderboards 

Cannon Challenge 2


Isaac Newton’s Gravity


Apple has added a Game Center page to the App Store. Check it out.


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Yerba Buena Center Gets Prepped for Wednesday Apple Event

Yerba Buena prep for Sept. 1, 2010
(Image courtesy of MacRumors and Wired)

Can you feel the excitement in the air? Apple has a media event coming on Wednesday, September 1 and if you happen to live anywhere near the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco where it’s all going down, you might have seen a preview of what’s to come.

MacRumors is reporting that prep work for the September 1 event has already begun at the Yerba Buena Center, as seen in the photo above from Wired. In keeping with Apple tradition, the side of the building has been decorated with an enormous banner showing the same guitar-themed artwork featured on the company’s media invitation sent out earlier in the week.

No one knows for sure what Apple will introduced next Wednesday when the event kicks off at 10:00AM PDT, but new iPods and a new version of iTunes are the most likely candidate. Also churning in the rumor mill is a new Apple TV device, cheaper TV show rentals, a new version of iLife and even more.

If you simply can’t wait for next Wednesday, have a look at our own theories on what Apple will be introducing, then feel free to come back here and propose your own in the comments.

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