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In Case You Missed It: Nov. 14 – Nov. 20

Hey there, kiddies of all ages, how you like us now? It’s the all new Mac|Life, but even though we’ve gone all pretty on you, we’ve kept the the same great content. You didn’t think we’d scrapped the weekend round-up, didja? Absolutely not, and now it’s settling in at home in our beautiful new digs and looking to kick back and give you the latest and the greatest.


Group Test: Sub 0 Monitors – You’ve got yourself a hankering for that box of cute awesome, the Mac Mini, but what about a monitor for it? The moment you look up monitors online, it’s like looking at stars. There’s constellations and galaxies of choices. Well, we’ve taken the sting out of looking at monitors under the 0 mark, so if you want gorgeous displays at gorgeous prices, look no further.

John Carmack Discusses iOS Game Development – With Rage hitting your iOS devices this week, we decided to sit down with Mr. John Carmack, lead designer on it and tons of great games like Doom and Quake and Commander Keen. He gave us a peek behind the curtain at what goes on when games are being planned out.


How To Install Android on your iOS Devices – You didn’t sell back your older generation iPhone when you upgraded to iPhone 4? Use it for tinkering? Well, have we got the tutorial for you. Android on your iOS device. Why? Because you can, amigo, because you can.


How To Record “Real” Guitar With a Rock Band 3 Controller in GarageBand – We all know, you’re a Rock Band superstar. You shred the plastic gee-tar something fierce, but did you know it was more than just a toy? Heck yeah. Get your face melting solo action on with this wee tutorial in how to marry GarageBand and Rock Band 3 in into heavy metal madness.


Day of Defeat: Source Review – With Valve’s Steam store for Mac porting over the entirety of their catalog, we’re seeing stuff we’ve longed for for five years. With the World War II shooter, Day of Defeat: Source on our Mac, we’re helping the Allies and kicking Nazi butt. Or, if it spins your wheels, you can be the Germans. Achtung!

OnLive MicroConsole Review – Now we’re cooking. OnLive’s streaming “water faucet for games” has a fantastic new gadget out, the MicroConsole that puts those same games right on your HDTV. With an easy set up, wireless remote, and virtually zero lagtime, this is one gift we’ll be holding our breath for this holiday season.


Well, the big news of the week was clearly The Beatles hitting the iTunes store…we were teased with a day “that you’ll never forget” which got us excited that iTunes was going to bring slick new features which didn’t arrive….and we did our own parody of the announcement to build up excitement for the lovely new site you happen to be on this very second…(here’s a how-to guide to see all the newness)…but to be honest, we don’t even recall which day of the week that happened on…so it makes sense that Guitar World would also release their Lick of the Day app so you can get your George Harrison on.

In other appy news, Pulse News Reader, the slick RSS interface, went from pay to free with an injection of venture capital; no word on getting my 99 cents back….photo sharing app Path went live as well, allowing you to share pix with just the people you want and not to hand over your pix to Faceborg…if sharing and controlling TV content is more your bag, Comcast’s Xfinity remote not only allows you to control your box, but to invite friends to watch Dancing with the Stars with you; oh rapture…much more our speed, the latest update to the official Twitter app brings push notifications to your daily notifications, as well as quashing a few bugs…and at long last, the wait is over, the official Google Voice app dropped this week, and not only is it news, it’s also our latest walk through/tutorial to help you make the most of this great little service…it’s claimed that Google Docs now has document creation and editing on the mobile fly, but we’ll believe it when it finally arrives on our iPad and not a moment sooner…speaking of documents, Scanner Pro 3.0, the app that turns your iPhone into a mobile scanner, just added a much improved UI as well as batch scanning…and Music Now comes to the iPad and it looks almost as good as it sounds…lastly, App Stores aren’t just for iOS devices anymore and Apple assures us the desktop version is set to “Open Soon.”


In Case You Missed It: Nov. 7 – Nov. 13

Way to get our hopes up then crush us as usual, rumor mill. Here we were, our iOS devices with their backups ready to download some 4.2 multitasking on our iPads and more. Heck, we even hear there’s some more performance enhancing kicks for we sad 3G owners. And then Friday came and went and … nothing. Well, here’s a taste of what happened while we waited patiently aboard the good ship S.S. Mac|Life.


Six Mac Web Browsers: How Do They Stack Up? – That’s right. We went there. We looked at the six top browsers for Macs (or at least five and a newsmaking up and comer) and we peered under the hoods, kicked the tires, laid out our pros and our cons. What do you use? And are you at all interested in RockMelt? (Sounds like a Chrome version of Flock to us.)

The Best Free Mac and iOS Apps – Okay, this one is huge, we mean humongousaramamegazoid. Or something. Seriously, though, if you skip everything else in this round-up and go straight to this article, you will not regret it for a single second of your life. Who doesn’t love their Apples? And who doesn’t love free? Well, we got it for ya, kids, we got your best top freebies.


AblePlanet NC300 Review – Like messenger bags, winter hats, and so many other things, the search for the ideal headphones that hit that form factor, price range, coolness appeal, and hip look is a never-ending quest. AblePlanet’s got some nice noise reducers at half the price of Bose’s, but if you like bass for your face (and who don’t?), then do your due diligence and research.

Puzzle Agent Review – Leave it to our modern age to come up with a video game dedicated to discovering why industry is dying in an American town. Telltale’s Puzzle Agent is a clever twist on the fish-out-of-water detective story in game fashion, but some of the puzzlers can be tedious instead of engaging, though that’s not because of their logic base.


How To Sync All the iTunes Libraries In Your House – As our ever-increasingly digital and multi-profiled lives continue to accrue songs, images, films, podcasts, TV shows, and on and on and on, wouldn’t it be nice if you could get that one track off that one album that’s on that one computer? Heck yeah it would. Here’s a solution that is a little time-consuming in the set-up, but say goodbye to whipping out the flash drive every time you want to get your hands on something.

How To Make Safari Work Like RockMelt – We briefly mentioned RockMelt up above as the fast rising story in the tech blogosphere. The question is, is it really a necessity? Essentially, it’s Google’s Chrome with a few extensions, and since Chrome and Safari are both WebKit joints, we thought a tutorial in how to make your Apple browser your social browser too — without waiting for an invite.


It was coming! It was coming! At long last iOS 4.2, the universal iOS that would marry your iPhone, your iPad, your Apple TV, and your iMac in an unstoppable connectivity juggernaut of awesome and it was going to be joined by Mac OS X 10.6.5 and iTunes 101… and then we got Mac OS X… and then we got iTunes… but somehow iOS didn’t show up… rumors had actually started a little earlier that Wi-Fi was going to be a hang up… and that was that. True to Apple form, there had never been an announced date for iOS 4.2, there had only been rumors, and there would be no confirmation…meanwhile, Verizon’s getting into the iPad game with this commercial touting the marriage of Apple’s beauty with the wonderfulness of their MiFi…and you may not necessarily need iOS 4.2 and its attendant Wi-Fi issues, if you’re a doctor, that is, like the medicos in Australia who find the tablet just what the doctor ordered…for those of us not sporting land down under MDs, the least we can do is offer you this huge place to play as The Incident gamers will soon be moving from the iPad to the screen size of their choice with the direct connect to their big screen TV.

You know what? If your ringtone automatically shifts to Rockwell for no good reason, you might just want to do a factory restore. It’s quiet, it runs in the background, it doesn’t even have an icon — Mobile Spy is watching you on your iPhone and doesn’t even have Michael Jackson announcing it…someone who is watching something? Cupertino, who, to the background of rumors about yet another class action lawsuit suddenly got all very uptightish about third party slide-on cases….which is odd next to this story that we dropped about SquareTrade, a warranty company, who rated the iPhone 4 as most reliable handset on the market (non-glass-damage situations only)…you can’t fake a good phone, but you know what you can fake? FourSquare check-ins; just jailbreak and add this app, and you’ll soon be mayor of the nearby strip club as well as the funeral parlor, just like your mama wanted…at least while you’re there, take some sweet pix with the help of GorillaMobile, the tripod that makes others look square…know what else makes the competition look weak? SkyFire with its Flash to HTML 5 conversion iPhone sweetness; that’s right, you got Jon Stewart on your iPhone…

In Case You Missed It: Oct. 31 – Nov. 6

Where we live, it snowed this weekend. Then while we were out at the mall, Christmas music started to play. Can it be that time already? Seriously? Does the march to the holidays start without our wanting it? Alas, ’tis so. At least you have Mac|Life to keep you warm and safe from little drummer boys.


The Five New Features of Skype 5.0 – When Skype updated their Windows software, we were just twiddling our thumbs waiting around for the Mac version that was sure to follow. Well, that day finally came around and the new beta gives the old thing more than just a new coat of paint. Always wanted some group calling action? Yeah, baby, it’s in there. And so much more.

suit chart
14 Great Tips and Tricks for Utilizing Google Voice – Let’s just call it the week we looked at VoIP, because we have some Google Voice tips that will swing for the fences and make you the power hitter of this power service.


10 Cool Tips and Tricks for GarageBand 11 – Last week we gave you a little iLove in the form of some serious tips and tricks for iPhoto and iMovie. This week, you’ll be getting your jam on with these boss tips on how to rock out with your — ahem — Mac out. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

How To Make a Holiday Card in iPhoto ’11 – And while we covered iPhoto pretty well last week, ’tis the season soon enough, so you might just want to bookmark this one or get crackin’ on your holiday cards this week. Here’s how to do it. Don’t say we never put anything good in your stocking. Ho ho ho.


Left 4 Dead 2 Review – Zombies. First person shooter. Valve’s Left 4 Dead 2. Do we really need to spell it out for you? Yeah, didn’t think so.

October’s Highest Rated Reviews – We round up the cream of October’s autumnal crop of reviews and only bring you the best of the best in our monthly basket of love. A big month of Apple releases including — wait, really? A double A battery charger? How ’bout that?


Well, it was Daylight Savings Time weekend. Did those of you stateside who use your phone for an alarm clock have any issues like those in Europe last week?…if only there were an app for that. Oh well, at least there’s this fun little video from Sesame Street letting you learn just what kind of things there IS an app for…you know what there is an for, by the by? Recording HD video on your 3G S. Ya gotta jailbreak, but if you’re a budding mobile DeMille, this could be your ticket…of course, if you’re more a consumer than a creator of films, you may want to grab VLC while it’s still at the App Store. Heck, you may want to grab it even if you think you might someday want to use it, since it could be gone tomorrow…meanwhile, in app update news, Facebook hit us up with an update to their iPhone iteration bringing Groups to mobile devices…know what else came to iOS land? Google Instant, that at-first annoyance that now seems intuitively perfect. How’d it do on the iPhone screen? We’ll let you judge that for yourself…what isn’t up for debate was how well Skyfire did at the App Store. The handy little app converted Flash into HTML 5 and sold like hotcakes, burning down the servers…something else we expect to sell really well? How about the iPhone at Target. You may live in a small town miles from an Apple store, but how far away is the nearest target? Yeah, we thought so…and finally, with the latest Skype beta hitting the internets this week, we thought we’d hook you up with chatting chatting chatting in our free app Friday. Go get ’em, tigers.

So what else is big news out there? How about lawsuits? We all love a good lawsuit story. Well, for starters, Apple’s legal team forced HyperMac to rebrand as HyperJuice and drop the Mac from their name…Apple sued Motorola over patents which is the big emerging lawsuit field these days…a 3G user sticks it to Apple on sticking it to us with the iOS 4.X updates that pretty much tank your older model handset…the International Trade Commission (ITC) sided with Nokia over Apple in yet another mobile manufacturer patent based lawsuit….and after a while it gets harder and harder to remember who’s suing whom and why. Well, gosh darn it, that’s what charts were made for, and this one is a doozy.


In Case You Missed It: Oct. 24 – Oct. 30


BOO! That’s right, that’s right, it’s that time of the year, when all the spooks and haunts in the world go out looking for candy and treats and the ever elusive, ghostly white iPhone, the ne’er to be seen specter. Here’s the tastiest bits of Mac|Life from the week, giving you a little something to read while waiting for the knocking on your door tonight. Just don’t bob for any Apple products; they don’t care much for water.




12 Cool Tips and Tricks for iMovie ’11 – The new iLife brought a ton of slick new features to iMovie, our own personal favorite being make your own Movie Trailers. But there’s more than that and we’ve got twelve tricks that’ll make you the next Spielberg in no time.

Forget Antennagate–“Brightnessgate” is the New Happening Drama of Smartphones – What’s up with your phone’s brightness? Why is it sometimes like staring right into the sun at noon on a sunny summer’s day? And how long til Mute Button/Orientation Lock-gate arrives? 


plants v. zombies




How To Get MobileMe to Play Nice with Read It Later – If you’re a MobileMe user and you use Instapaper or Read It Later, you’ve probably run into this. Bookmark syncing destroys your bookmarklets wirelessly. Well, don’t let it get you down. Here’s how to make it work forever.

How To Get Started With iPhoto ’11 With These Essential Tips and Tricks – We’ll admit, we were slow to coming around to some of iPhoto’s best features and with the update to ’11, there’s even more greatness. We just hope we feel the love sooner this time around.




MediaRover Review – It takes a bit of syncing in the beginning, but after that, it’s all about the sharing love as MediaRover makes all your iTunes libraries play nicely nicely. 

Review: Crumpler Moderate Embarrassment Messenger Bag – It’s rare that a company recognizes that their product — while necessary — can be kind of embarrassing to look at. Crumpler makes a great bag that also knows its limitations.




Ch-ch-ch-changes are coming to your iPad. It’s practically November, which means iOS 4.2 will be rolling itself out sooner or later. Biggest change? The orientation lock switch goes back to being a mute button. Nooooooo!….this will be a short-lived experience with orientation lock if you’re just now getting down to the AT&T or Verizon store for your iPad…and should you want to wrap that beauty up in something to keep it safe, this month was a plethora of case and bag reviews, whether you roll Booq style denier fabric…or you inexplicably want a handle on the side to turn your iPad into a virtual briefcase or something…if you’re not a fan of the Embarrassment above, you can hit up Targus for the EcoMart Mini…or if super-duper security is more your style, PacSafe has just the ticket…lastly, while you may love your big iPad screen, this table will make you cry when you see how rinky-dinky an iPhone can make your iPad look.


It just wouldn’t be Halloween without some treats for our readers, so here’s a selection of free apps for the ghouls and goblins among our readers…speaking of great apps, Early Edition is one of our daily must-haves and this weekend only (ends today) it’s on sale for only 99 cents. What are you still reading this for? Get hopping…and if that isn’t news enough, how about the very first time Plants vs. Zombies goes on sale in its history?…since it’s Halloween, you can also grab the lower priced, lower featured Angry Birds: Halloween while you’re there…and while you’re at the app store, be sure to pick up Everyday Looper, which reliable sources tell us is what Reggie Watts uses for this killer song.


You know what treat is not going to be in your Halloween basket no matter how much you beg? White iPhone 4. It briefly  made an appearance in the Apple Store App…then disappeared until the spring, according to Apple…and even dropped off the face of…the reason, apparently, has to do with the white colored glass back lets too much light leak into the camera…so you’ll just have to imagine how much higher Apple would have leaped over RIM as mobile phone vendor if they’d had had that special handset…because the black ones sold out in China in just 10 small hours




In Case You Missed It: Oct. 17 – Oct 23


Whew! Another week another gangbuster series of announcements and news for Apple. It’s an amazing run and it doesn’t look like it’s planning to stop any time soon. So let’s all stand back and hear Cupertino roar.




7 FaceTime for Mac Tips, Tricks, and Features – With FaceTime for the Mac arriving in its beta, we wonder what this holds in store for iChat. Until that’s resolved, here’s seven tips to setting up and using FaceTime on your Mac that’ll soon having you video chatting in no time.

OS X Updates We Might See At Back to the Mac Event – Before Apple held their Back to the Mac event, we made a few predictions about what would happen on that day. Check out our accuracy. Not too shabby, eh? Not too shabby at all.

apple lion


How To Create a Security Cam with FaceTime for Mac and AppleScript – We didn’t include this in the 7 tips up above since it’s a bit advanced, but you can make your Mac be your security camera with a little work and an iPhone 4.

iPhone and iPad Tips of the Week – Tweaking Safari and Utilizing iBooks – One of our most popular weekly features, we round up some of the secret tips to make your iDevice experience the best possible. This week includes iBooks.




First Look: 11.6-inch, 1.4GHz MacBook Air – You didn’t think we were gonna let the week go by without giving you a look at the new MacBook Air did you? Ha, sillies, of course we wouldn’t. And believe us, this baby is the sweetness.

21.5-inch Core i3 iMacs Reviewed – Not to be outdone by their little cousins, the new i3 iMacs pack a whole lot of awesome into their hardware and software. There’s tons more storage and tons more speed, and while it’s going to cost a bit more for some of that, believe us when we tell you it’s worth it.




The big news of the week obviously was the Back to the Mac event with the announcement of OS X Lion 10.7, so first we give you the roundup summation…and now the break down into pieces…for instance, first the Apple Store site went down as usual…then Tim Cook took to the stage to give us the State of the Mac, and who’d know better than the COO…we got iLife ’11 with full screen iPhoto…then iMovie ’11 rolls out with Movie Trailers mode and more…toss on Garage Band ’11 with more amps, more effects, more groove matching…then, as you know by now, FaceTime for Mac’s beta stepped on to the stage and sucked up all the attention…but wait, there’s more, with the announcement of Lion for OS X with all kinds of iOS features added in for amazingness…and there was, of course, FaceTime for Mac beta hitting the site…and finally, Apple put the first nail in the coffin of optical memory with the MacBook Air ditching that and HDD for solid state drive speed and convenience. Overall, we’d say a big day.

So that was Mac’s news, what about everyone else? Anything new worth mentioning Out in the rest of the tech world. Why yes, of course. Electronic Arts just dropped a huge Mil to pick up Angry Birds’ maker Chillingo…GameSalad changed their licensing agreement with publishers and might just see huge mass exodus of developers…as far as gaming goes, Aspyr announced that Civilization V is coming to Macs…probably hot on the heals of announcements like Steam kicking butt and taking names on the Apple platform, how could they not?…like getting stuff done and keeping track of all your ideas, notes, sites, etc.? Well, then you’ll be pleased to know there’s a new Yojimbo in town, plus his little brother Yojimbo for the iPad…and if you are big into movie editing on your Mac, you’ll be thrilled at what’s coming down the pike with Adobe Premiere Elements 9…speaking of video, it looks like the hacker community rolled out the jailbreak for Apple TV…speaking of breaks, it looks like FaceTime for Mac breaks some serious security issues with putting all your stuff right up there on the screen.





In Case You Missed It: Oct. 10 – Oct 16

All Hail the iPad! And why not? After all, Cupertino’s slick little device has been an unparalleled hit, and not just for Apple. Remember DVD players and how quickly those ended up in every home? Yeah, well the iPad is crushing the DVD player in adoption rates. Yeah, you read that right, and you’re gonna keep on reading, because this is In Case You Missed It, kids, and we mean business.


Apple Event Invite Points to Top Secret Security Technology – Sure, there’s a lion peeking out from behind the Apple logo in the Back to the Mac logo, but there’s more to Cupertino’s latest event than just a revamping of the trusty OS X. We’re talking super duper, ultra high tech, top secret laser technology. That’s right. We said it. Lasers.

Killer Strategies For Six of Our Favorite iOS Games – It’s hard work, believe us when we tell you, bringing you this collection of our staff’s accumulated wisdom. Sore hands, bleary eyes, drained batteries, long nights, yes, we’ve suffered to go to the mountaintops and bring back the best strategies for your iOS gaming.


How To Tame Your Facebook Emails – We’re hermits here ’round the ICYMI pastures, so we don’t have the problems that social media mavens have with every single Facebook friend in the world messaging them daily. But we know you’re the life and soul, or at least, your life wouldn’t be crushed out by an avalanche of digital correspondence. Here’s how to crack the whip and make your Facebook mail work for you.

How To Avoid Data-Roaming Charges – Believe us, if you’re planning any kind of vacation outside your home country, and you’re planning on taking your iPhone along, believe us, you’ll want to commit this article to memory or at least engrave it into your skin, unless you like the idea of paying an arm and a leg.



Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 Review – We can guarantee this one’s going to end up in our monthly Best of reviews. It’s Adobe; it’s Photoshop Elements, what’s not to love?

Best Case Scenario – Now with more Pumpkin! – Not only are these cases a-rockin, but if you were to act fast you could stand a chance to win some of this action. Three Incipios and one Scosche and you. It’s a match made in heaven, no?


Some of us are pretty satisfied with our black models, but there’s a reason Apple makes a white one too, and for those who’ve been jonesin we can only say, one’s been seen out in the wild…and maybe you’ll get your hands on one of these puppies, around the same time as Verizon, seeing as how their network could support the iPhone on as well…and there’s a bit more to the rumors this time, so if CDMA’s forthcoming wireless standards whispering holds water, you might be holding your Verizon iPhone sooner than you think…what can’t support the iPhone? Looks like the glass face is a wee bit more fragile than in previous versions…you know what else related to the iPhone turns out to be fragile? AT&T’s network, but we’ve got a solution–the 3G Microcell. More money to AT&T? Hmmm.

And we told you it was coming last week…and now it appears that the iPad hit the shelves at Wal-Mart on Friday, just like we said…the same day Adobe closed the holes in their apps that let users read the latest issue of The New Yorker for free, since it is the People of Wal-Mart’s magazine of choice…haha! we kid, we kid. Everyone knows the top-selling readable for for Wal-Mart people is the New York Times, which finally graces the iPad in a full deluxe edition….and why not turn up in Wal-Mart, since in terms of adoption rates, the iPad is kicking major butt, even beating out the previous contender, the DVD player…heck, it’s even turning up in Verizon stores, just not in the 3G models…because when you can play flix, and read books on the same device, why not? And with these slick new updates to Amazon’s apps, our book reading on the iPad just got a whole lot sweeter…though we sure would like to see iBooks start kicking it up a notch…which only leaves one question–how long can Apple keep the Android tablet wolves at bay?


In Case You Missed It: Oct. 3 – Oct. 9

It’s the TV wars, but you know what? It’s a repeat of the phone wars we’ve been seeing for some time. Google has decided to forge ahead into realms Apple pioneered. Who will come out on top? Competition is good for the market and for the consumer, so let’s see some innovating.


Dude, Where’s My iCar? – iPhone and iPod Integreation in Today’s Cars – Sure, Steve Jobs doesn’t have a glimmer in his eye to get into making cars, but the iPhone and iPod have become so ubiquitous that automakers have planned around them. Check out these slick integrations when you think about your next vehicle.

Think You Own That Software? Think Again – This sounds like a job for the Library of Congress to decide upon in the interests of fairness. Because apparently the Ninth Circuit court has decided that, unlike buying a tangible physical object, buying digital media only conveys license rights, not ownership. What a pile of suck that news is.

app time baby


Apple iPod shuffle, nano & touch Reviews – Every year Apple breaks out the new iPod goodies and this year was no different, forcing upon you the choice of upgrading or sticking with your trusty, aged devices. Let’s take a closer look at some of those choices, shall we?

Timbuk2 Scuba Sleeve Review – Love your iPad? Love the beautiful streets of San Francisco? Then you’re going to love this stylish iPad sleeve from Timbuk2. Live in other cities? Yeah, well, maybe you’ll get some of the goods soon…


Office Games: iTunes Chicken – Control Your Co-Workers’ Playlists – There are office games and then there are office games of shame and hilarity. This one definitely falls into the latter category. We’ve all got them, hidden in the thousands of songs in our iTunes library, tracks we’d rather just as soon have forgotten. Bwahahahahaha. That’s where the fun starts!

How To Use Facebook’s New Facial Recognition and Batch Tagging Features – Why does Facebook getting facial recognition creep us out a bit? Is it because Zuckerberg is always trying to get more information out of us in unpleasantly invasive fashions? Well, if that’s your speed, here’s how to do the job of tagging your friends the right way.


You know it, we know it, but do you know just how much your iPhone can improve your day? Well, we’ve got at least 40 biggies…one definite way, improving on something in the previous article, is that the Netflix app now supports video out, turning your iPhone into a Netflix box on the go…speaking of video, Apple’s got a new ad out touting Retina Display on the iPhone 4 and no wonder; have you seen this beautiful imaging?…now if we could just get a Verizon model, in the latest installment of the rumor that would not die…of course, Verizon says that any news on this front will come direct from Apple and not from them, so we wait, and we wait, and we wait…one thing we’ll be glad to see and not have to wait around for much longer? iPhone integration with our car; off to the dealer’s we go.


Now that Oprah’s been showing off her iPad, we can expect sales to kick it up a  notch…after all, in the realm of rapid adoption, the iPad rules the roost, crushing even the DVD player…and Best Buy isn’t the only place that’s stocking the have-to-have item of the year…and soon it’ll be available in every small town in America that sports a Wal-Mart…which is good news for kids going off to , because iPad literacy classes are coming to a school near you…and if you are in school rocking the iPad and can’t wait for AirPrint in November, Printer Pro has got you covered.


Apple TV or Google TV? Well, even Apple fans that we are, we have to admit that Google TV’s promo makes it look super sweet, and competition is good, right?…because Apple TV can theoretically run apps, and the Apple App Store is definitely millions of times better than the competitors’, this is where the focus needs to be…because even with this glitch that makes rentals last longer than the 24 hours they were supposed to, rentals aren’t where the competition is at…and how did Apple manage to cut the price of Apple TV so drastically? Well, according to iSuppli, by cutting the cost of the materials inside by 75%…they definitely saved some money not making one of these behemoth remotes you need six hands to use effectively; jeepers…and that price point is definitely making it easier to buy, as people are snatching it up as soon as it hits the stores.


Apple Hit for $625.5 Million in Patent Case Ruling

No doubt some strong language and Sith choke holds were seen in Cupertino today, as word has broken of a patent infringement ruling against Apple to the tune of 5.5 million. With a wake-up call like that first thing Monday morning, who needs coffee? The lawsuit that led to the judicial command for the hefty payout was filed back in 2008 by the now defunct software company Mirror Worlds, which, as a piece of tragic trivia would have it, was founded by Unabomber victim and Yale professor David Hillel Gelernter. Can word of a patent lawsuit become more intriguing than this?

Yes. Yes it can.

According to the folks at Fast Company, Apple has been ordered to pay out a sum of 5.5 million a piece for Cover Flow as seen on their iPhone, iPods and Mac computers. Apple has unsurprisingly objected to this and requested a stay on the ruling, arguing that CoverFlow is in fact a single technology being used as part of the three product lines, and that being forced to pay a fine for each instance would triple-dipping on the part of Mirror Worlds. Were the suggested stay allowed, Apple would have 7 million they’ve been ordered to dole out to Mirror Worlds struck from the books. At the same time as the legal types at the East Texas Federal Court wade through the matter of the stay, you can bet that Apple legal is planning on mounting a counter-assault. Mirror Worlds was disbanded back in 2003 due to weak software sales. This along with the face that Apple was granted a patent for Cover Flow this past April, should give Jobs’ flying monkeys plenty of material to work with.

As always, we’ll fill you in on any new developments as they occur.


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apple tv in hand

Apple TV has arrived and is our latest new beloved gadget. New iPad cases are everywhere with either old school pen and paper to accompany it or a new school Bluetooth keyboard. And the iPhone 4 hits China’s shores. All this and more inside this week’s cavalcade of you-know-what just In Case You Missed It.


The Social Network is Worth Every Penny – It’s ubiquitous nowadays, social networking, on our computers, on our phones, and whether you’re a Foursquare addict or a Twitterer or a Farmville junkie on Facebook, this is pretty much how it all started. Mark Zuckerberg’s empire making makes for a good flick. And apparently someone’s got a crush on Justin Timberlake.

Internet Privacy 101 – Your Safety Guide to Social Networking – And what kinds of friends would we be if we encouraged your social media involvement and didn’t help you batten down the hatches and keep your privacy under a bit of control? This walk through will help you decide what to share — and with whom.


Best Case Scenario – Bluetooth Keyboard Cases for the iPad – The market is flooded with cases for your iPad, and only a few of those are in brick-and-mortar stores wher you can actually touch and feel them. Not a great situation if you’re picky about what you wrap your baby in, so we do the legwork for you. In this particular edition, we look at two rather impressive early keyboard cases that turn your iPad into a netbook, just like that.

September’s Highest Rated Reviews – It’s round up time. That’s right, all our best reviews of the month packed into one tight little bundle. Were there greats this month or was it a blah kind of September? Only one way to find out. To our archives!


How To Customize Your Gmail Experience – Gmail is pretty much our default email anymore. All our old accounts sit there musty and dusty, checked only once a month, if that. But with all the features and customizability Gmail can offer, including third party solutions, it can be a little tricky to get the best use out of. Never fear, Mac|Life is here. Fire up your Firefox and we’re gonna take your email from awesome to awesome awesome. Err, yeah, something like that.

How To Download Videos from YouTube with Safari – Configuring Gmail might be a little tricky and require some in-depth work, but this tip, downloading videos straight from YouTube for watching later offline? This one is simplicity itself.


Well, with the iPhone 4 finally on sale in China, you can be sure there’ll be some news about that…how about it selling out over the weekend…of course, trust the Chinese government to cripple some of its functionality; oddly enough, it’s maps which seems a strange choice to us…we’d more expect a story like this one about Android apps sending your private data to advertisers, except substitute in government…what we’ll be interested in seeing, of course, is whether or not these new Chinese owners of iPhones will be cranking out the mobile movies with iMovie, which is only all right in its present incarnation…or if watching a movie is more your style than making one, this 3D movie site and app could be just the ticket…or maybe you go more for the latest craze of augmented reality games like ARDefender which we have to admit looks pretty bad-ass…and you know we know our games, because we make it a point to play and rate ’em once a week — at a minimum…if you’re not a gamer, then you can take heart if you’re a regular Googler in the newsuendo that Google Voice will at long last be making its triumphant arrival in the App Store…or maybe you’d rather just pick up Pinger and make some free voice calls for your iPhone and iPod touch…also in the App Store? The update to Apple’s remote, which is paving the way to a little more sharing among devices in your home; can you say AirPlay soon? We can…and finally, it’s the throwdown, people, the smartphone display war gets all technical on us as Dr. Raymond M. Soneira blinds us with you know what.

Hipster convergence happening soon! Hipster convergence coming your way! That’s right, famed notebook maker, Moleskin, fresh off their Kindle case, is bringing some of that same notebook-enhanced device cover to the Apple line with beauties for your iOS babies…and while this is where we talk iPad, the cases just naturally brings us to this Bat Utility Belt complete with iPhone holster…if only they made a similar holster for the iPad, as owners of Apple’s magical, revolutionary tablet tend to skew younger and male, pretty much Batman’s target demographic…but it’s only European (younger males) who will be getting the sweet tethering option, at least according to this analysis of the new OS…coming to everyone, though, in iOS 4.2 will be the Game Center badges, which will help you Frag the Editors in all kinds of games, because you know you want to…but get a load of this Mac|Life interview with the developer of our beloved Game Center…and maybe you’ll be playing so on your newer, thinner, not necessarily smaller iPad if you can credit this rumor…but will you want to/be able to play on RIM’s new PlayBook? Dunno, but it looks a little uh awkward in the hand…but you might be doing a little more touchscreen action if Apple’s latest patent-based rumor is correct about jumbo sized iMac touches…touchscreening you may or may not want to touch comes to the iPad wit
h the new New Yorker app, featuring a risque how-to with actor Jason Schwartzman…but are these magazine apps too big? Definitely is our impression.

Apple TV shipped this week! Apple TV shipped this week!…and with its iOS base, this thing can be jailbroken; I wonder how long until someone– Whoa! well, that didn’t take long at all…of course, if you try and don’t like, you can always come back to Apple’s safe haven nice and easy through USB and iTunes…but in case you were interested in seeing what was inside that new little hockey puck, never fear, iFixit does the usual tear down.


In Case You Missed It: Sep. 12 – Sep. 18

Now that the weather is turning rainy and colder, it’d be a really good time to catch up on some television, some films, and some gaming. Well, turns out you’re in luck with Boxee in the on-deck circle, the all new Apple TV ready to drop, and possibly even Google TV setting up shop. Plus, iPads are expanding to new retail locations, Game Center is taking off big time, and we haven’t even hit the holiday shopping season yet. So tuck in to some electronic goodness from your friends at Mac|Life.


The Complete Guide to Game Center on iOS – Apple’s gone social networking in a big way with Ping built into iTunes and Game Center a big part of iOS 4.1. But maybe you’re asking, what is Game Center and how do I get going? Maybe there’s a couple editors here that you think are a little too big for their britches. Follow our tutorial and you’ll get in the mix, ready to frag. (Pssst, editors, here comes more fresh meat.)



mSpot Review – Apple bought Lala, but what the heck are they doing with it? Where’s our cloud streaming music? mSPot rides to your rescue with free 2GB accounts that sync to your iTunes library. Unfortunately, you have to be on a computer to listen (or an Android phone, boo-hiss) which sort of defeats half the purpose of streaming music.

Skooba Design Netbook and iPad Messenger Bag Review – We try and we try to find a messenger bag worthy of carrying our iPad or our MacBooks. It’s quite a struggle finding size, form, appropriate numbers of pockets, and everything else to reach bag nirvana. This one’s not quite there, but it does have plenty of pockets.


Typing Special Symbols in OS X and iOS – When we want you to know about In Case You Missed It™, Mac|Life® has you covered. When it comes to typing special characters in OS X and iOS, we’re the Mac|Daddies©.

How To Change Auto-Save Settings – There aren’t tweaks that can do every single thing you want to do on your Mac (unfortunately), because some things just aren’t options. But, you can try checking out this easy Terminal command to find some preferences you can tweak in just about any software, provided you change the name of it in the command. Meanwhile, there’s a few other suggestions inside.


You know you need to know. With three top of the line iOS devices out in the wild, there can be only one fastest draw in the West; let’s see who it is…this is the kind of info that would come in handy if you were going to take one of these games to Game Center and try to get a little shoot out on with the editors…whyn’t you try this particular bit of Fruit Ninja fun for your Game Center martial arts action….speaking of Ninjas, who doesn’t love a good unsubstantiated rumor about Steve Jobs and throwing stars, all based on anonymous sources? Why even Bloomberg got in on the reporting of a story they’d have skipped had it been about Snooki…but in case you fancy the idea of Steve as full on Ninja, this little animation shows what it’d look like….if Ninja isn’t your style, why not frag a Mac|Life editor and then you can talk some smack, like the big brave words of Niklas Savander of Nokia who had some choice words for the iPhone…speaking of competitors, it looks like HTC is striking while the iron is hot with a few new products that will definitely expand Android’s presence in the smartphone racket…and Android seems to be pushing into Apple’s marketshare, so it’s definitely time to look past this AT&T suicide pact. Seriously.

Meanwhile, the world still patiently awaits some kind of iPad killer, just as we’ve waited and waited to see something, anything that would beat the iPhone. While we wait, let’s enjoy the news that Best Buy will soon be added as an iPad retailer…and since the iPad is devouring laptop sales, according to Best Buy themselves, of course they’d want to get in on this action…which means Apple is seriously going to have to add some new names to their manufacturing supply chain, and — hey! — what do you know, just in time…which makes you wonder about this recent Xbox Kinect smack talk from Microsoft that claims they’ll be crushing iPad sales shortly; you know, I’d be concerned, if the Kinect did anything other than games…not that Redmond has forgotten to get to work on iPad apps, but let’s hope it’s more than just Bing…even though Bing is increasing its market share over top of Yahoo…not that Microsoft is the only person talking smack about the iPad as Amazon gets in on the bashing since they’ve been feeling the e-reader heat…in good iPad news, rather than all the naysayers, HP is the first to join the wireless printing party on the tablet end of things…AirPrint is live in iOS 4.2 which is out for developers, so grab it if you are one or know one…and we’ve also seen someone take an iPad and a camera and make beautiful art together; try that one on your Kindle — oh wait, you couldn’t if you wanted to…and while you can read your newspaper on the Kindle and not on the iPad, we’d like to add the word “yet” to that last phrase.

And for some shorties regarding TV action, it turns out there might be some hackability in Apple TV’s iOS…what there won’t be is Warner Brothers programming as the media conglorporation opted out of Steve Jobs’ offer…and if you were thinking maybe you’d wait for Google TV instead, you might just have to wait a little longer…although if you’re a Boxee kind of person, the latest Boxee Box is up for pre-order…and if you’re a fan of live TV, you might just get to watch a little YouTube Live on your new Apple TV..and maybe, just maybe, you can watch a little Mac|Life Live on your Apple TV.