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Facebook Management Denies Apple Buyout Rumors

image via The Next Web

It was too awesome a rumor to have been true. After a week of whispered rumors, punditry and the intermittent sound of sighs and facepalms ringing out across the land, it appears that the dream of a Facebook buyout by Apple has been dashed upon the rocks of reality. According to Mashable, who broke the story last week, further information that debunked speculation that Mark Zuckerberg was ready to hand over Facebook’s reigns for a whole lotta cold hard cash is nothing but hogwash.

In a fit of social networking irony, Facebook‘s Director of Corporate Communications, Larry Yu, reached out to a number of tech journalism noticeable via Twitter today, debunking the notion that Apple company was planning on investing in Facebook or that the Cupertino-based company had offered up funding of any kind. We have to hand it to Mashable, who being as skeptical as we are of any Apple-related rumors, mention back when they broke the story that they had their doubts as to its veracity.

Does this mean doom for our hopes of Ping becoming a more useful, less frustrating experience? Absolutely not. Just because Apple and Facebook won’t be joining fiscal forces anytime soon doesn’t mean that they can’t still work together.


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