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New Mystery Apple Patent Could Make Your Next iPhone Bulletproof

Apple composite laminate patent
(Image courtesy of Patently Apple)

The best way to keep tabs on what Apple might be cooking up next is to keep an eye on all of the new inventions they file for patents on. One of the latest is a patent for an improved composite laminate that could someday make future devices practically bulletproof.

Patently Apple is reporting that Apple has recently won the patent for an improved composite laminate, which the website claims “could consist of a wide range of materials including glass, synthetics, metals (such as aluminum or titanium) or even epoxy.” The patent doesn’t reveal exactly what Apple plans to do, but the website notes that such material is commonly used in “real-world products ranging from an iPad cover to all manner of sporting equipment such as golf clubs, baseball bats, canoes, bikes, skateboards and more.”

According to Wikipedia, the use of such materials could even be used to make a portable device literally bulletproof, which certainly makes us imagine that Apple CEO Steve Jobs could be living some kind of Batman-esque dual life. (Would that make the iPhone his Bat-Phone?)

Unfortunately Patently Apple chooses to theorize a much more down-to-Earth scenario. “Apple could also be rethinking their use of polycarbonates in their MacBook for a much lighter material and using the sandwich method as shown above,” they propose. “Hmm, who knows — maybe the new Apple TV is already using one of the material variants. I haven’t been able to find out exactly what they’re using. Is it a thermosetting plastic as mentioned in this patent?”

As is often the case with patents such as this, only time will tell.

“Where and how Apple will end up using this material is unknown at this time — simply because of the wide range of products that Apple could apply this to — including future wearable computers,” Patently Apple concludes. “In time, we’ll be sure to hear about this material as it comes to market in some surprising way. For now, all we know for certain is that Apple has been granted a patent for an improved cosmetic surface regarding this material and that it’s paved the way for Apple to now bring it to market.”

Now all that Cupertino needs is a Bat-Signal to announce Apple’s next media event and they’ll be all set…

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