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Fox the Latest Network to Block Content From Google TV

It’s been said that if something seems to good to be true, it most likely is. Such, it seems, is the case for Google TV. The slick-looking solution that promised to meld the best of the internet with all the entertainment glory your HDTV could muster had a strong start, boasting the ability to push all manner of web content including full episodes of your favorite TV shows from providers like Hulu, YouTube and a number of major television networks. For a while there, it appeared as though other content delivery systems like Apple TV, Roku and the Boxee Box might have some serious competition. However, in recent days things have been looking a little darker for Google’s latest creation. This morning we received word that Fox is the latest in a growing list of networks that have opted to block Google TV owners from accessing their wealth of free online content.

As of November 10th, Fox, ABC, CBS and NBC have all blocked Google TV users from accessing their online content. The reasoning behind this? Money. As it stands, online broadcasting pulls in significantly less money than traditional television does. With this being the case, the broadcasting powers that be are understandably hesitant about making too much of their most popular content available through any other means than where their primary revenue streams have traditionally been found. While it seems almost a certainty that in the future the line between the internet devices and television will be blurred, for the time being, innovators like Google have an uphill battle to gain acceptance with content producers on their hands.

There's a New Kid on the Hackintosh Block

Remember all the drama between Psystar and Apple this last year? The Florida-based company has since ceased to nab any profits after Apple managed to sue them for illegally selling Hackintoshes–and rather conspicuously might we add. Well, now another company has come out of the closet with their own line of Hackintoshes: Quo Computer. The company claims that there are many virtues of using a Mac, though they offer computers that run on Linux and Windows as well. Or, you can even get all three!

Of course, the question you might be asking yourself is, how is Quo not getting in trouble for doing this? Especially considering Psystar was under such fire last year. Well, Quo is making sure that systems that come with OS X installed have to agree to the EULA before the software is installed. Additionally, Quo is also heading out to the Apple Store themselves and purchasing copies of OS X and installing the software if their customers request it. Now, that’s service.

What is peculiar, however, is that Quo Computer doesn’t sell computers over the internet. The Hackintoshes run anywhere between 00 and 00, and the computers contain some pretty beefy innards. Currently, all processors are Quad, but Quo Computer is planning on upgrading it’s top tier model, the maxQ, to an Intel Core i7 six core 3.6GHz processor. But really, it’s up to the customer what they want included on the computer–Quo Computer is just there to put it together for you.


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