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MobileMe Calendar Beta Now Officially Launched

Apple has officially unveiled the new MobileMe Calendar that has been in beta since July. The newly revamped calendar features a new user interface similar to the calendar that appears on the iPad, and some new features that users of the MobileMe web interface will no doubt love.

Apple notes on their MoblieMe news site, “The new MobileMe Calendar is now out of beta and available to all members. We’d like to thank everyone who took part in the beta for helping to make this the best MobileMe Calendar yet.”

There are a few new features in the MobileMe online calendar now, including the ability to easily share calendars with family and friends, the ability to publish a calendar for a group or team (i.e. read-only public calendars), and even event invites with RSVPs.

These changes should make many MobileMe users happy. You can read about all of the features on the Apple MobileMe news site.

via MacRumors


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iOS 4.2 Beta 2 and iTunes 10.1 Beta Ready for Developers

iOS developers rejoice. A new round of iOS and iTunes beta software is ready for download.

If you’re a developer, head on down to the iOS Dev Center and pick yourself up these new betas while they’re still fresh. If you’re a regular Joe and/or Jane we recommend you avoid these betas unless you’re looking for a week of tears and frustration.


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Adobe Releases 64-bit Flash Beta

image & character via DC Comics

What a mad treasure trove of riches Adobe’s corporate blog has been of late! In the past few days, they’ve waxed over their return to the iPhone application development arena, announced an HTML 5 plug-in for Illustrator and now this: A 64-bit beta version of their love-it-or-hate-it Flash Player! What could be better? According to Adobe the new player, which Adobe has called “Flash Player Square,” is available for just about every operating system under the sun, including OS X.

No doubt you’ll recall that Flash on the whole is not looked at too favorably by some folks at Apple. Much of this comes from the issues Flash has traditionally caused on Macs due to the resource hungry nature of the software. While Adobe’s statement laud’s the 64-bit version of their software for its usebility, it’s worth mentioning that as it is still in beta, Flash Player Square could melt both your computer’s processor and your face. In a bit of doubletalk, Adobe themselves have admitted that “…these new versions are fully functional, so all content should be compatible. We’ve found ‘Square’ to be stable and ready for broad testing, but keep in mind this a sneak peak and not everything will be fully baked.”

That’s fancy corporate language for “we think it should work for you, but we could be wrong.” Feeling adventurous? You can download your own copy of the Flash Player Square beta here.


iOS 4.2 Beta is Live for Devs, iPad Printing Named AirPrint

Developers are a lucky lot. They get to play with Apple’s latest iOS before the rest of  us. Of course it’s beta software and they’re expected to write apps based on it, but it’s still a pretty cool gig.

Well developers, today Apple announced the immediate availability of iOS 4.2 beta. The latest version of the iOS brings multitasking to the iPad and the ability to print from the device. Dubbed AirPrint, according to Apple the feature requires no set up.

“AirPrint is Apple’s powerful new printing architecture that matches the simplicity of iOS—no set up, no configuration, no printer drivers and no software to download,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing. “iPad, iPhone and iPod touch users can simply tap to print their documents or photos wirelessly to an HP ePrint printer or to a printer shared on a Mac or PC.”

“We’re pleased to work with Apple to bring Apple’s AirPrint to our fall lineup of ePrint printers in time for the holiday shopping season,” said Vyomesh Joshi, HP executive vice president, Imaging and Printing Group. “Making it easy for our customers to print anytime, anywhere, is a key priority for HP. iPad, iPhone and iPod touch customers are going to love how easy it is to print using our new range of ePrint printers, creating high-quality printed pages in an instant.”

If you’re rolling with the new, or relatively new, iPhone, don’t worry, you get to take part in the printing party. AirPrint supports the iPad, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and second generation or later iPod touch.

The final version of iOS 4.2 is expected to appear in November.


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Boxee Releases New Beta, Adds Huge Movie Library


Boxee’s newest beta is out today, and available for download now. For those of you not in the know, Boxee is an all-in-one social media platform for your media needs, and it just got better.

The newest Boxee release adds a fancy new Movie Library, which you can now access by selecting “Movies” from the main screen. With it comes thosands of free movies, from sources EZTakes, Indie Movies Online, MUBI, and OpenFilm. The movies are free, but ad supported. According to Boxee, even more movie sources will be added in the future. You can search for movies to watch now, and queue up films for later, much like Netflix’s Instant Watch, except without the monthly fee.

Boxee admits the new library is a little rough around the edges–for instance, not all movies have artwork yet. But, they wanted to get the new feature out there, and we certainly appreciate it. The update also adds over 100 bug-fixes. So, regardless of whether you’re partial to Boxee, Plex, or Front Row, it looks like this is an update worth checking out!


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