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SlingPlayer for iPad Streams Your Productivity Away

Are you thrilled by the new levels of productivity you’ve reached thanks to this week’s iOS 4.2 update for iPad? Well, if you have SlingPlayer hardware lashed to your home entertainment center, get ready to kiss your new found zest for getting things done goodbye as the company has finally unleashed an iPad client to bring all of their place-shifting goodness to your Apple-branded tablet where and when ever you feel like goofing off.

Unlike it’s poor resolution iPhone cousin, SlingPlayer’s iPad app brings the noise… and some pretty decent video quality too. Just hook it up to either a Slingbox Pro or ProHD, and you’ll be able to get your boob tube on anywhere you can find an internet connection. With a UI that’s been specifically designed for the iPad and an easy to navigate program guide, the application looks like it could very well be a winner for TV loving iPad owners. Let’s hope it is: SlingPlayer for iPad comes with a hefty price tag. For that much coin, you’d want it to work exactly as advertised.

If you’re the type that takes your TV watching seriously, the application can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store now.


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While You Were Away From Your TV…


(Image courtesy of SF Weekly)

Earlier this week, we had brought it to you that Bloomberg TV was going to feature Steve Jobs as part of their GAME CHANGERS special.  The special was able to reveal a little bit more about all things Jobs through interviews with friends, former colleagues and business associates. 

The special revealed shades of his style of leadership, management and creative process.  Some of those interviewed included: Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, former Apple CEO John Scully, journalist turned Venture Capitalist Michael Moritz, and Dreamworks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg, among others.

So if you forgot to set your DVR or don’t get Bloomberg TV, the special is up for your viewing now!

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Do Away With Web Ads–Arcade Style!

The internet can be a frustrating place for the consuming public: it’s so full of web ads, popups, poor site design and tasteless humor, that sometimes it’s tempting to just turn the computer off in favor of going outside to experience real life. Fortunately, thanks to the efforts of Github user Erik Rothoff,  the world needn’t resort to such draconian tactics such as exposing oneself to sunlight or reading a book. Thanks to his genius-level coding performance, that which vexes you during your forays into the digital world can be shot at, fragged and done away with.

Rothoff’s contribution to the world’s stockpile of awesome is a JavaScript applet that unleashes an angry flying wedge spaceship, à la Asteroids, on offensive web content.

What’s offensive?

Anything–everything! Just aim your weaponized triangle at what ever you want fragged, tap your spacebar (shouting pew-pew-pew in time with your keystrokes, of course) and watch as that which rubbed you the wrong way is in turn rubbed out in a shower of vector graphic sparks and debris.

What could be better? We’ll tell you what: Nothing.

Rothoff’s special brand of web-content carnage is compatible with every site we tried it on and demands to be used by everyone in the universe with computer access. So, what are you waiting for? Run on over to Github and get some!

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Microsoft Manager: Kinect Will "Blow Away" iPad Sales


There’s no doubt about the success of the Xbox, but Microsoft’s latest claim might have some scratching their heads.  First it’s iPhone “funerals,” and now making some pretty bold claims about Kinect sales.

The company is citing strong pre-orders and the usual seasonal holiday boost to back up their claim.  A spokesman for the Kinect is now saying that the unit will easily out-duel the iPad in sales.

“The preorders have been really strong.  As far as what we’re looking at for Holiday, this is going to be stuff that’ll blow away any of the sales you’ve seen with iPad,” said Microsoft Game Studios manager Kudo Tsunoda, upon being asked what the device’s successes would be.

Kinect is slated to launch in North America on November 4.  Tsunoda thinks that the device’s “deep gameplay” will give it the assist it needs to sail past the iPad.

Buuuut, the Kinect will have some lofty numbers to live up to.  As we all know by now, Apple sold over 1 million iPads in 28 days, and 3 million in its first quarter.

UBS Investment Research is also venturing that Apple will sell 28 million iPads in 2011, going so far to say that estimate might even be on the “conservative” side. 

What do you think about Microsoft’s latest claim readers?  Does the Kinect have a chance of catching up to the iPad?  Not so much?  Feel free to leave your predictions below!

via AppleInsider

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