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Head to Head Parrot AR.Drone Shooter Game En Route to iPhone for November 26

Ok, this is reminding me that the toys of my youth were significantly less awesome than what’s on the market today. Per Touch Arcade, a new game is in the works for the super-awesome Parrot AR Drone Wi-Fi quadricopter. The app, known as AR. Pursuit, will function as a “two-player pursuit game” that will have a duo of AR.Drone-equipped people shooting it out in a digital space while flying their Drones in the real world.

Here’s how it works: the game uses the Drone’s front-facing cameras and renders in bullets and missiles when players choose to fire. To avoid game-death, players will need to maneuver their drones in various directions, hiding and assaulting their opponent as needed.

The game, which will hit on November 26 and retail for .99, can be played indoors and outside, provided a stable Wi-Fi connection can be accessed. Parrot recommends that you use those indoor stickers if you plan to play indoors, and obviously you’ll want to pick a place that’s large enough to move a radio-controlled craft around in.

Since a picture’s worth a thousand words, take a gander at the video: