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Valve Announces Release Date for Portal 2

Ladies, gents, countrymen, womanfolk, everyone please lend me your ears. Valve has announced that:

Valve today announced that Portal 2 — the sequel to the ground-breaking title that won over 30 game of the year awards, despite missing its original ship date — will now be available the week of April 18th, 2011. This two month slip not only marks the shortest delay in Valve’s proud tradition of delays, it represents the approaching convergence of Valve Time and Real Time. Though this convergence spells doom for humanity, it will not affect the new Portal 2 release date.

There you have it folks. 


Virtual Programming Announces Majesty 2 for Mac OS X

Forget the Beatles and the iTunes Store, if you were hankering for real-time strategy, today’s the day that won’t soon be forgotten. On Tuesday, Virtual programming announced the release of Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim for Mac OS X.

Set 500 years after the conclusion of its predecessor, Majesty 2 challenges you to complete a 16-mission campaign by hiring heroes who may be more interested in having a beer at a local tavern than in fighting monsters to help restore the kingdom of Ardania to its former glory.

Electric spells are your friend in Majesty 2...

In true role-playing fashion, you’ll be able to upgrade each hero you recruit with better abilities and inventory slots to fill with increasingly-powerful items. Complementary heroes can be assigned to groups that are better equipped to tackle tougher missions, and you can promote the most successful heroes to the title of Lord, enabling them to be summoned from the Hall of Lords during later quests. You can also place various types of flags, such as defense and explore flags, that entice heroes with promises of monetary rewards.

Majesty 2’s multiplayer option also allows up to four players to compete over a LAN, going head-to-head or in teams as they vie for supremacy on a variety of maps. You can also create and share your own maps with the included editor.

The game is immediately available for .95 and requires Mac OS X 10.6.3 or later, a 2.16 GHz or faster Intel-based CPU, 1 GB of RAM, a graphics card with 128 MB of VRAM and 1.5 GB of hard disk space to install and run.


Telltale Announces Release Date for Back to the Future Game

Telltale Games has announced that it will release Back to the Future: The Game for the PC and Mac soon after the Blu-ray and DVD release of the Back to the Future 25th Anniversary Trilogy on October 26. Great scott, that’s tomorrow! 

Fans can pre-order the game today at The pre-order includes a free copy of Telltale’s Puzzle Agent and a pass into the special pre-release insider forum at Telltale’s site to chat with the developers of the game. The company will also donate of each pre-order to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.

“We’re very excited to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Back to the Future franchise with a completely new adventure,” said Dan Connors CEO Telltale Games.  “It’s been an amazing experience to be part of reuniting Marty McFly and Doc Brown on their continuing quest.  Back to the Future fans will have a great time helping to control the integrity of the space-time continuum.”

The release date for the iPad and Playstation 3 versions will be announced later.

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Aspyr Announces Civilization V for Mac

There are two types of Mac gamers in the world: Those that love Sid Meier’s outstanding series of Civilization games, and those who haven’t played them yet. If you belong to either group, we’re sure you’ll be thrilled with the news that, according to a recent press release, the long-lauded series of games’ latest iteration–Civilization V–is one step closer to making its Apple debut. In an announcement made by Aspyr Media, the company, which is well-known for their ports of other Mac games such as Call of Duty 4, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and Civilization IV, revealed that they will be publishing Firaxis/Take-Two Games’ Civilization V for OS X.

For those of you who haven’t had the opportunity to play the PC version of the turn-based strategy yet, Civilization V is a doozy of an upgrade over the older versions of the series. By offering up streamlined city and civics management options, a refined technology tree and an entirely overhauled combat system, the makers of Civilization V have managed to produce a game that is at once accessible to new players, while offering a deep strategic experience to those well-versed in the game’s mechanics.

Being the game addicts that we are, it goes without saying that we’re stocked to see such a well-respected title making its way to the Mac. As soon as we hear anything resembling a firm release date from the powers that be, we’ll be sure to let you know.


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Apple Announces Two New MacBook Air Models with Solid State Storage

MacBook Air preview

As expected from multiple leaks and rumors over the past week, Apple CEO Steve Jobs took the stage in Cupertino this morning at the company’s “Back to the Mac” event to take the wraps off not one but two new MacBook Air models.

Following a flurry of product announcements at today’s “Back to the Mac” media event in Cupertino, including iLife ’11, FaceTime for the Mac and a preview of Mac OS X Lion 10.7, Apple CEO Steve Jobs asked the question, “What would happen if an iPad and a MacBook hooked up?” to a round of laughter from the crowd.

At only 2.9 pounds, the new 13.3-inch MacBook Air borrows from many of the iPad’s key features, including the ability to instantly start up, offering great battery life, amazing standby time, solid state storage with no optical or hard drives and thinner and lighter than ever. The laptop is a mere 0.68 inches at its thickest and 0.11 inches at its thinnest, or as editor Roberto Baldwin put it, “The stabbiest Mac ever.” (Though we obviously don’t condone its use in that manner.)

The 13.3-inch MacBook Air features an LED backlit display with 1440 x 900 pixels, 1.86 GHz Core 2 Duo processor, NVIDIA GeForce 320m graphics, full-size keyboard, a multitouch trackpad and a FaceTime camera.

Perhaps the biggest news is that the laptop contains no optical drive or hard drive, instead using on-board solid state storage for rapid, instant-on use. Apple claims that using the same type of storage already featured in the iPad will be up to twice as fast, more reliable and 90 percent smaller and lighter.

The solid state storage also has another positive side effect, with an increase in both standby and use times on the new MacBook Air. Apple claims up to seven hours of wireless web use and a whopping 30 days — yes, a full month! — of standby time.

Proving once again that rumors can often be fact, Apple is also offering an 11.6-inch model for the MacBook Air which weighs in at only 2.3 pounds with a 1366 x 768 pixel display and 1.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor, plus all of its big brother’s other features. The 11.6-inch model also features 30 days of standby time with a reduced five hours of wireless web use, presumably because of the smaller battery.

Both models include standard features such as 802.11n Wi-Fi, stereo speakers and a large on-board battery, which in keeping with recent Apple laptops, is not user-replaceable.

The 11.6-inch MacBook Air starts at 9 with 64GB (99 for 128GB) while the 13.3-inch model starts at 99 with 128GB and is also available with 256GB for 99. Both models are shipping today.

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Valve Announces new Left 4 Dead DLC, Oct 5 Mac Release

This morning, Valve announced a new add-on for its immersive, co-op zombie killing game, Left 4 Dead. “The Sacrifice” is due for release on October 5 and will continue to chronicle the struggle between the remaining Left 4 Dead survivors as they make their way to the South. “The Sacrifice” will also introduce a new style of finale gameplay called “Sacrificial Gameplay”, where the players can device who will give their life so that other may live.

Hidden within this news is the announcement that this DLC will be available for Mac users, after all:

The DLC “The Sacrifice” will be available for the XBOX 360, PC, and Mac on October 5th. It will include the new Campaign “The Sacrifice” and the Left 4 Dead 1 campaign, “No Mercy”. In both campaigns you will be able to play as the Left 4 Dead 1 Survivors but you will be using Left 4 Dead 2 weapons and items against Left 4 Dead 2 monsters!

You can’t have DLC for a game without the game being available for the platform.

Hooray! Finally, no more waiting to partake in a little bit of zombie killing.

We’re waiting on confirmation from Valve, just in case the release date is a mistake. Fingers crossed.

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Google Announces Google Apps Premier, Mobile Editing, Retina Display Support for Google Earth

This morning, Google announced several updates to its widely used mobile services, including Google Apps, Google Docs, and Google Earth for iOS devices.

Google’s newest update in security may help convince skeptics to store their data in the cloud, after all. The search giant announced Google Apps Premier, Education and Government Edition for users that need that extra bit of heightened security. The Premier package will enable folks to sign in using their password and a one-time verification code that is sent to their mobile phone. The two-step verification process will enable stronger protections to help fend off phishing scams and password reuses. Google is making this feature accessible to organizations both large and small without making it too complicated to set up.

Google has also introduced mobile editing capabilities for Google Docs on the iPad and Android platform. Now, you can edit that expense report or finish writing that paper on the bus ride to work or school. Of course, we don’t suggest doing so if from a tiny-screened Android device, as the experience seems better suited for the iPad.

Lastly, the Google Earth app [iTunes link] has been updated for Retina Display support. The update also includes the new ocean content layer, as well as underwater bathymetry and ocean surface support. The app is free and works on all iOS devices, as well as Android, so download it if you haven’t already.

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Twitter Announces Site Overhaul, New Interface

Photo taken from the Technologizer live blog of the event

In case you were living and breathing and sleeping under a rock, Twitter made a big announcement this afternoon from its west coast offices. The microblogging service has announced a new The new site will feature a new user interface with a much bigger sidebar that will take up half of the screen real estate on your monitor (or, if you prefer, your mobile device). The right pane will also have mini profiles of users with their recent tweets. Twitter calls it a, “richer, faster experience”

The new Twitter will also have embedded video, keyboard shortcuts, and threaded conversations. Essentially, the new site looks exactly like the official Twitter app for the iPad, or some of the other iPad, iPhone and desktop apps available. But this is a good thing, because we’re big fans of the third-party Twitter apps, and it only seems like Twitter has taken a hint from them and implemented what their users would really like to see on the site. And, hey, it’ll make relaying our experiences in 140 characters or less a little nicer.

The launch of the new Twitter site will happen today for a sub-set of users, with an incremental roll out for the rest of us. Stay tuned to their officlal blog for more, and check out the new twitter site for details.

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Epic Games Announces New iOS Game Based on Unreal Engine [Updated]

Epic Games has announced that it is releasing a new game on Game Center that runs on the fabled Unreal Engine. The new game is currently in development under the code name Project Sword. The 3D game is an action-packed role playing adventure that runs in real time. The protagonist will be able to engage in sword battles and use neat swipe controls to get around the levels. The game includes intricate levels of detail that uses the same lighting and motion techniques in movie CGI.

The game will also include the social networking integration of Game Center, including invites and achievements.

[Updated] The free demo [iTunes link] is now available in the iTunes App Store.

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