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Apple's Awkward Google Voice Anniversary

Do you remember how exciting the notion of Google Voice on the iPhone was? No, not the consolation-prize web app version of Google Voice available to us now, but Google Voice on the hoof, one tap away from use on your Apple-branded device. Sadly, the dream of a native iPhone app for the service has never materialized, leaving Google Voice users without the on-device support or features that the excellent service warrants. How did it all go wrong? Google and Apple used to be so good together. We always thought they’d be the couple to make it out alive.

Le Sigh.

A few days past the one-year anniversary of the FCC’s probe into why Apple refused the entry of Google Voice into the iTunes App Store, the ever-insightful writers over at TechCrunch have put together an interesting feature on the drama surrounding Apple’s decision to disallow the App’s acceptance and the road that led up to such a depressing decree to be issued in the first place. The feature is well worth the five minutes of your time that it’ll take you to ingest it, and as a byproduct, will make you sound like an uber-geek should you bring it up in conversation with your less tech-savvy hipster friends.