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Your iMovie Trailers Won’t Be Presented by Real Studios and Other iLife ’11 Quirks

iMovie trailer, no Universal name
(Images courtesy of Engadget)

Are iMovie ’11-created movie trailers really so amazing that Hollywood studios fear that people will confuse them for the real thing? Apparently some of the studios think so, as Apple has blocked your ability to use their company names.

Engadget is reporting that despite iMovie ’11 featuring the familiar snow-capped mountain of the Paramount logo or the spinning Earth of the Universal Studios globe, you won’t actually be able to use those studio names to present your own trailers.

Oh sure, you can go ahead and type them in — go ahead, we’ll wait. The text will appear in the new project Outline view, but on screen all you’ll see is a series of hyphens where the word “Paramount” or “Universal” should appear. Engadget wasn’t able to confirm if this limitation exists with other studios as well, but we’re guessing it probably does.

iMovie '11 no Paramount name

This quirk comes on the heels of other discoveries, including the fact that the entire iLife ’11 package now requires both a Mac with an Intel processor as well as Snow Leopard 10.6.3 or later — the previous version, iLife ’09, was a mixed bag in that regard, but most of the programs and components would indeed run on a G4 or better PowerPC machine, as long as it met other requirements.

MacRumors also noted that the iLife ’11 programs are still composed of 32-bit code, which many assumed to be the case since Apple didn’t tout 64-bit code at their “Back to the Mac” event on Wednesday when the new suite was announced. That’s a shame, especially given how much Cupertino boasted about the 64-bit powers of Snow Leopard upon release — not to mention how many third-party developers have long since moved to 64-bit while Apple is still chugging along with 32-bit.

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iLife ’11 Family Pack Shows Up on

iLife '11 Family Pack on Amazon
(Image courtesy of 9to5Mac)

We really expected a refreshed version of iLife to show up at last Wednesday’s media event, even though announcements were flying fast and furious as it was. If a new product listing on is to be believed, maybe we won’t have to wait much longer.

9to5Mac is reporting that has a new product listing for “iLife ’11 Family Pack,” currently listed at .00 with a ship time of two to four weeks. The fact that a new version of iLife is coming isn’t particularly newsworthy by itself, but does Amazon know something that we don’t?

It’s a given at this point that iLife ’09 will likely be followed by iLife ’11 since it’s too late in the 2010 calendar year for “iLife ’10” to make sense as a name, but given that Apple has not uttered a word about a new version makes the product listing sort of head-scratching.

Back in July, Amazon France listed both iLife ’10 for Dummies and iWork ’10 for Dummies on their website briefly, with availability in September and October, respectively — although in this case, the Amazon listing for the iLife ’11 product appears on the main U.S. site.

There has been plenty of speculation about what a new version of iLife might bring, including iTunes LP and iTunes Extras creation abilities added to iDVD, which circled the rumor mill in December of last year.

The strangest part about the iLife ’11 Family Pack on Amazon is that it’s apparently been listed since July 27 (according to the Product Details on the site) and we’re only discovering it now…

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