Survey: MacBook Pro #1 with Steam Gamers

It looks as though Apple users, a typically intelligent, tech-savvy and genteel lot (yes, we’re stroking our own egos here,) can add another particular to their growing list of resume foibles: 31337 [email protected]//®. That’s ‘elite gamer’ for all of you out there that don’t hablas l33t speak.

According to a monthly survey conducted by the game mongers at Steam, a growing number of the individuals enjoying their services are doing so on Apple hardware. Over 46% of the Mac gamers accessing Steam’s servers were noted to be using MacBook Pros. The number of individuals getting their pew-pew on with MacBooks and iMacs was almost half of this, with their entries to the survey topping out at 20.25% and 23.18% respectively. The rest of Apple’s computer hardware line fared even worse: Cupertino’s venerable Mac Pro was only able to snag 5.41% of Steam’s Mac traffic, and while the Mac Mini may be the king of a growing number of home theatre systems, the diminutive computer got owned by its Mac cousins, garnering only 3.44% of all Mac traffic on the servers.

While Apple’s most likely thrilled to see so many people getting game on using their hardware, the survey hosted one figure that we’re willing to bet they’re weren’t to happy to see: According to Steam, 96.79% of all users visiting their site on a Mac were still rocking Flash.

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