Steve Jobs to Build Himself a Spankin' New iHouse

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Steve Jobs now has the approval needed to tear down his 17,000 square-foot historic mansion, which once belonged to copper baron Daniel Jackling. In its place, he will build a new house–dare we call it, iHouse–that is somewhat modest for a billionaire technology CEO. Costing .45 million dollars, the 4,910 square-foot house will feature five bedrooms and plenty of windows and decks.

Gizmodo was able to retrieve the drawings for the house, which shows the overall design and location of each room, deck and garage space. The house will be built on the same six acre area as the soon-to-be demolished Jackling estate, and will feature lighted stone walkways, a private vegetable garden, and a three car garage.

The drawings show that Apple’s CEO has clearly thought through exactly what he wanted in a house, and has designed it accordingly.

Gizmodo consulted an environmental psychologist to find out what she thought about the design choices of Steve Jobs. “Based on these [drawings]… I would say Steve Jobs and his family are quite comfortable in their own skins and not out to prove anything to anyone,” said Sally Augustin. “They have assessed what they need in a home, and will have it built.”

You can read the full details about Steve’s new home as well as see more drawings on Gizmodo.


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