SlingPlayer for iPad Streams Your Productivity Away

Are you thrilled by the new levels of productivity you’ve reached thanks to this week’s iOS 4.2 update for iPad? Well, if you have SlingPlayer hardware lashed to your home entertainment center, get ready to kiss your new found zest for getting things done goodbye as the company has finally unleashed an iPad client to bring all of their place-shifting goodness to your Apple-branded tablet where and when ever you feel like goofing off.

Unlike it’s poor resolution iPhone cousin, SlingPlayer’s iPad app brings the noise… and some pretty decent video quality too. Just hook it up to either a Slingbox Pro or ProHD, and you’ll be able to get your boob tube on anywhere you can find an internet connection. With a UI that’s been specifically designed for the iPad and an easy to navigate program guide, the application looks like it could very well be a winner for TV loving iPad owners. Let’s hope it is: SlingPlayer for iPad comes with a hefty price tag. For that much coin, you’d want it to work exactly as advertised.

If you’re the type that takes your TV watching seriously, the application can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store now.


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