Rumor: Apple Testing Out Touchscreen Macs


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The past couple years, Apple has really seemed to embrace the themes of touchscreen technology.  Rumors out of DigiTimes say that the company is now testing a new touchscreen all-in-one iMac desktop computer. 

The report says that the new hardware would maintain a size of 20 inches on up.
“The new iMac is rumored to have a good vertical and horizontal viewing angle, and its projected capacitive touch panel will adopt a one-glass solution, which integrates the touch sensor and cover glass, to reduce thickness and weight,” said the report.

It also noted that most touch panels are constructed by placing a sensor over the panel, and are then covered with glass.  But that method becomes costly, complex, and can result in a dimmer screen.

The report also noted that Sintek Photronics “has a good chance” of becoming a supplier for the new iMacs.  No estimated release date had been given yet.

via AppleInsider

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