Rescued Miners in Chile Receive Free iPods from Steve Jobs

Chile miners rescued
(Image courtesy of Reuters)

The world watched in awe this week as 33 courageous miners in Chile were finally rescued after 68 days of being trapped underground. Now praised as heroes, they’re being lavished with gifts — including iPods.

Reuters is reporting that the 33 rescued miners who spent 68 days trapped underground in Chile are getting a taste of newfound celebrity. In addition to each man receiving ,000 from a local singer turned businessman, Apple boss Steve Jobs has sent them all free iPods, which appear to be personal gifts from the CEO himself.

“Jobs joins a list of benefactors impressed at the stoicism and courage of the 33 miners who survived 68 days of being literally buried alive,” notes 9to5Mac. That list also includes a Greek mining firm’s offer to send each Chilean miner to Greece for a free one-week vacation, as well as a trip to South Korea offered by Chile’s football league.

“No word on what make or model, but we’d anticipate a top-of-the-range iPod touch,” 9to5Mac surmises. No doubt the men will make good use of them, as the latest word is they plan to jointly publish a book on their ordeal — and to avoid a return to mining. We can’t say we blame them.

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