Razer Releases Ironclad Mouse Pad, Fraggers Rejoice!

It’s not like any of our readers need an extra edge in order to utterly destroy the Mac|Life staff on Frag The Editor Fridays. You’d have to wander far and wide to find an easier kill than playing against Robbie, Flo and the rest of the gang. However, for some people, simply winning just isn’t enough: For the blood-thirsty elite that understand no quarter can be given, even in virtual warfare, Razer’s latest offering–the Ironclad mouse pad–might be the piece of hardware you need to round out your computer gaming arsenal.

Made of anodized aluminum, and sandblasted to provide the smoothest mouse glide possible, Razer’s Ironclad has been designed to ensure the best mouse-glide experience possible. That translates into a faster response time, letting you scratch that itchy trigger finger just a little faster. In the heat of battle, your Space Marines might run for cover, but the Ironclad will hold its ground, thanks to a non-slip rubber finish on the mouse pad’s underside.  For those of you that need to take your pew-pew on the road, Razer’s been kind enough to include a nifty travel case to protect your purchase. 

The Ironclad is available now via Razer’s website, and you can expect to see it gracing store shelves by November.


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