PlayOn Mobile for iPhone Lands in App Store

PlayOn Mobile

September was a landmark month for the App Store, which saw Apple loosen many of their previous restrictions and allow apps that might have otherwise been kicked to the curb in the past. This week, PlayOn Mobile joined the ranks.

TUAW is reporting that PlayOn Mobile for iPhone has been approved and is now available as a free download. Many Mac users may not have heard of PlayOn, since the software is (for now, at least) Windows-based, but it does a great job of pulling video from various websites and streaming it to your HDTV — including TV network sites like, who stubbornly remain devoted to Adobe Flash and don’t offer full episodes via iOS devices.

“PlayOn Mobile lets you watch Internet TV on your iPhone,” the app description reads. “You can connect via Wi-Fi or 3G and as long as PlayOn is running on your PC, you can access all PlayOn features.” Prior to the app being approved, the company provided an HTML5 workaround via Mobile Safari to stream content, but that’s no longer necessary with a native app.

While the PlayOn Mobile app is free, the Windows-based software that drives the streaming is not — you’ll have to pay .99 for the first year and .99 for each additional year, or you have the option of plunking down .99 for a lifetime subscription.

So what makes PlayOn so great? The long list of content providers, many of which otherwise aren’t available on iOS devices, such as Comedy Central and the aforementioned CBS. You’ll also get one-stop access to, Netflix, Hulu and many others as well, which makes PlayOn Mobile an attractive option.

PlayOn Mobile is available now as a free download from the App Store and requires iOS 3.0 or later. It’s compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, although the app is not yet universal for optimal playback on the iPad.

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