Over 45 Million iPod touch Units Sold to Date, New Model Now Shipping

iPod touch 4G
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Customers who preordered their 2010 model iPod touch after they were announced last Wednesday are starting to get shipment notifications today. Meanwhile, a market research firm estimates that more than 45 million iPod touches have been sold to date out of the total 120 million iOS devices in the market.

MacRumors has a pair of iPod touch updates today. The first one is reporting on new data from market research firm Asymco, who estimates that the iPod touch makes up 38 percent of the iOS device market share, which Apple CEO Steve Jobs claimed was currently at 120 million during his introduction to the media event held last Wednesday in San Francisco.

Asymco arrived at a figure of more than 45 million units for the iPod touch over its lifetime, which they arrived at by factoring in 59.6 million iPhones sold through June of this year (according to Apple’s own SEC filings) as well as 3.2 million iPads sold to date. Making an assumption that eight million more iPhones and four million more iPads were sold in July and August, the math deduces that the iPod touch has racked up 45.2 million units sold to date.
iPod touch 4G shipment information
On the heels of this new data, the tech blogs have been lit up today with word that initial preorder units of the new, fourth-generation iPod touch model are now shipping, with delivery estimates between September 10 and 14. Since it’s Labor Day here in the U.S., we can assume that these units are probably coming from Shenzen, China since neither UPS nor FedEx are working today.

If you haven’t ordered your new iPod touch yet, the Apple Store still shows delivery with one week, and MacRumors notes that customers in other countries are also seeing estimates of five to seven business days. So what are you waiting for?

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