Number crunching your iPhone profits with AppViz

If you’ve used iTunes Connect before (the standard sales reporting facilities provided by Apple), you will know that it’s not very good (to say the least!).

You may want to consider a powerful friend for your sales reporting needs: AppViz.

AppViz will display a list of all your applications for sale within the App Store and will report the following:

  • See your weekly/monthly/3 monthly/6 monthly/annual/total sales
  • Graphical reports to show sales trends
  • Revenue/profit to date
  • Overall review
  • Ability to see reviews from all territorial app stores
  • Upgrade figures

Currently, it’s available through the Ideaswarm website on 30 day trial and is just $29.95 after.  iPhoneConnection is not affiliated with Ideaswarm in any way, but it’s a tool you simply must try as a developer or app owner.

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