New iPhone 4G prototype found lost in a bar!

Apple are renowned for their ability to keep secrets, but that may have all changed!

A report on the popular geek blog website gizmodo reports to have found the a lost iPhone 4G in a bar in Redwood City (California).

The phone itself was cleverly disguised as an iPhone 3G in order to prevent attracting attention.

New Features

  • Front facing camera (as rumoured!)
  • Improved back camera (larger lens)
  • Camera flash (finally!)
  • Micro-SIM rather than a regular SIM card
  • Improved display
  • Secondary mic
  • Split buttons for volume control
  • Power, mute and volume buttons are metalic

Whats Changed

  • The back is flat (unlike the iPhone 3G/S) and made of glass/shiney plastic
  • The screen is smaller but has a higher resolution
  • Everything is square
  • 3 grams heavier
  • 16% larger battery
  • Internal components are smaller

Apparently, the phone was remotely “killed” by Apple one they discovered that it was missing, so Gizmodo were unable to get the phone working.

Images courtesy of Gizmodo.

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