New iPhone 4: UK prices to be announced Monday

It has been almost a week since Steve Jobs announced the new iPhone, and pre-ordering is just a couple of days away. So far we know how much the handset will cost customers in the US, but in the UK all we know so far is the price plans for 02.
But a story by Roland Hutchinson on is reporting that a couple of the network providers will be releasing prices for the iPhone 4 on Monday 14 June. The website contacted all five of the operators who plan to offer the new iPhone with the other three not giving any information.
Its seems to have taken a long time to get any information on pricing plans, that leads to people to think the five operators could have been discussing what to charge. With 02 recently announcing that there will be no more unlimited data in their price plans, we will have to wait and see what the rest of the operators will do.
The hope is that with five different operators now offering the iPhone 4 competition on monthly plans and handset prices will be good. How much movement they have remains to be seen but will hopefully mean some good deals for us the customer.
Are you going to pre-order the iPhone 4 on the June 15? What network do you plan to go with?
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