Microsoft Working on iPad Apps


It was the tweet heard round the world. Microsoft was said to be working on iPad apps, and this from none other than Microsoft’s blogger Paul Thurrott. Obviously, he was oblique to pique our interest. Consider it piqued.

Sure, Apple makes its own iPad based office software for documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, but the industry standard still remains Microsoft’s Office. This particular suite has been missing from the iOS device platform for some time and the iPad in particular. Sure, office document creation is a bit difficult on the iPhone/iPod touch line of devices with their itty bitty screens. But the gorgeous lush fields of the iPad? Well, it was a gimme.



But time went on and…nothing. Where was Microsoft? Even e-reader competitors like Amazon and Barnes & Noble recognized that getting your brand out there, keeping it fresh, working that ancillary sale market was more important than enforcing a hardware loyalty. (Not sure Apple’s quite that concerned about this, but that’s a whole ‘nother matter.)

Yet, Microsoft had an Mac version of Office, so where was the iPad version of this typically essential suite? Nowhere. And then later? Still nowhere.

Now comes Thurrott’s tweet. Are we to take it to mean that Redmond is busily beavering away for an iPad version of Bing? If so — yawnsville. Maybe their Top 100 songs app? Again, whatever. But Word on the iPad? PowerPoint? Excel? Now we could be getting somewhere.

Let’s hope it’s more than just noise and marketing gimmickry.



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