Microsoft Throws A "Funeral" For The iPhone


(Image courtesy of Endgadget)

Is it a case of creativity?  Perhaps.  Or is it more that the crew at Microsoft have way too much time on their hands?  Maybe.  Either way, Redmond and Co. decided to live up the Windows Phone 7 reaching RTM status by actually throwing a funeral complete with procession for the iPhone and the Blackberry.

The very decked out parade came with hearses and black capes, and had been organized last week to recognize the “passing” of the BlackBerry and iPhone into the land of unwanted gadgets. 

The group also apparently decided to get their dance moves on to Thriller.  Check it out below.


So what do you think readers?  Is this a case of awesome creativity, or merely poor taste?  Feel free to leave some comments below!

via Endgadget

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