Magical Painting with Light and iPad

When Steve Jobs & Co. called the iPad magical and revolutionary, they didn’t just mean what you could do on the device, but what you could do with the device — as well as how it could inspire you. Much like Picasso painted in the air using slow motion photography, others are finding the big canvas of the iPad an interesting light source for illustration. It’s completely otherworldly to watch.


“Whoooaaaaa!” was our reaction.

You really need to see the video to get the full gist of what Dentsu London and design consultants, BERG have come up with using iPads and 3-6 seconds long exposure photographs. By photographing the screen as it pulses with light, they’ve turned the iPad display into a multicolored digital paint brush, drawing pictures and letters in the air. In their own words: “In dark environments, we play movies on the surface of the iPad that extrude 3D light forms as they move through the exposure.”

The result is nothing short of astonishing and beautiful. Imagine what effects you could create combining stop motion and Brushes.

Making Future Magic: iPad light painting from Dentsu London on Vimeo.

Via The Creators Blog.


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