Mac|Life's iPad App Reaches #1!

MacLife #1


We gotta start by saying this: thank you so much! And then, wahoo! Our iPad app, the Mac|Life Tablet Edition, today became the #1 Free iPad App in the App Store. We’re thrilled that so many follks are checking it out, and the steady stream of emails from the in-app “email us” button is providing tons of useful commentary, feedback, and ideas. Much appreciated, and keep ’em coming!

To address the most common questions: No, we don’t yet know when the next app will come out or how/if we’ll be moving into a paid model where our regular issues are available for purchase on iPad. This app is free because it’s an Issue Zero of sorts–a test run so we can see what y’all think and make sure we’re doing it the right way. But rest assured, we’re working quickly and eagerly on answering those questions, and we’ll make sure everyone knows the second there’s news to share.

Otherwise, the most common feedback has been requests to add pinch-zooming, bookmarking the place you left off when reading, removing the white logo screen during transitions, and sharpening up the text and images. All great points that we completely agree with. So keep those comments and ideas coming–we can’t respond to every email, but we’re reading them all, and again, thanks so much for checking out our app!

And if you haven’t gotten the app yet, you can download it here. (iTunes link)


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