iPhone/iPad Game Development

iPhone games are great fun. Whether you are commuting to work, on your break or simply escaping the world for 5 minutes.

A recent study my a mobile analytics firm suggests that the market share for iPhone Games is growing exponentially, overtaking the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP devices.

During 2008, the iPhone was just 5% of the gaming market share (with PSP at 20% and the DS at 75%), however 2009 saw the iPhone market share increase to 19% (that’s almost one-fifth). Apple reports (2010) that there are currently 50,700 games within the App Store, with 2,477 available on the Sony PSP and 4,321 on the Nintendo DS.

The iPhone and iPod Touch are excellent platforms for gaming. The device has OpenGL ES support (a powerful graphic rendering engine), an accelerometer (to detect tilts) and a multi-touch interface (for multi-finger gestures, such as swipes and pinches).

iPhoneConnection are certified Apple developers and have already developed several games in the App Store ‘Puzzle games’ category.

If you have an idea for a game, contact us via the website.