In Case You Missed It: Sep. 26 – Oct. 2

apple tv in hand

Apple TV has arrived and is our latest new beloved gadget. New iPad cases are everywhere with either old school pen and paper to accompany it or a new school Bluetooth keyboard. And the iPhone 4 hits China’s shores. All this and more inside this week’s cavalcade of you-know-what just In Case You Missed It.


The Social Network is Worth Every Penny – It’s ubiquitous nowadays, social networking, on our computers, on our phones, and whether you’re a Foursquare addict or a Twitterer or a Farmville junkie on Facebook, this is pretty much how it all started. Mark Zuckerberg’s empire making makes for a good flick. And apparently someone’s got a crush on Justin Timberlake.

Internet Privacy 101 – Your Safety Guide to Social Networking – And what kinds of friends would we be if we encouraged your social media involvement and didn’t help you batten down the hatches and keep your privacy under a bit of control? This walk through will help you decide what to share — and with whom.


Best Case Scenario – Bluetooth Keyboard Cases for the iPad – The market is flooded with cases for your iPad, and only a few of those are in brick-and-mortar stores wher you can actually touch and feel them. Not a great situation if you’re picky about what you wrap your baby in, so we do the legwork for you. In this particular edition, we look at two rather impressive early keyboard cases that turn your iPad into a netbook, just like that.

September’s Highest Rated Reviews – It’s round up time. That’s right, all our best reviews of the month packed into one tight little bundle. Were there greats this month or was it a blah kind of September? Only one way to find out. To our archives!


How To Customize Your Gmail Experience – Gmail is pretty much our default email anymore. All our old accounts sit there musty and dusty, checked only once a month, if that. But with all the features and customizability Gmail can offer, including third party solutions, it can be a little tricky to get the best use out of. Never fear, Mac|Life is here. Fire up your Firefox and we’re gonna take your email from awesome to awesome awesome. Err, yeah, something like that.

How To Download Videos from YouTube with Safari – Configuring Gmail might be a little tricky and require some in-depth work, but this tip, downloading videos straight from YouTube for watching later offline? This one is simplicity itself.


Well, with the iPhone 4 finally on sale in China, you can be sure there’ll be some news about that…how about it selling out over the weekend…of course, trust the Chinese government to cripple some of its functionality; oddly enough, it’s maps which seems a strange choice to us…we’d more expect a story like this one about Android apps sending your private data to advertisers, except substitute in government…what we’ll be interested in seeing, of course, is whether or not these new Chinese owners of iPhones will be cranking out the mobile movies with iMovie, which is only all right in its present incarnation…or if watching a movie is more your style than making one, this 3D movie site and app could be just the ticket…or maybe you go more for the latest craze of augmented reality games like ARDefender which we have to admit looks pretty bad-ass…and you know we know our games, because we make it a point to play and rate ’em once a week — at a minimum…if you’re not a gamer, then you can take heart if you’re a regular Googler in the newsuendo that Google Voice will at long last be making its triumphant arrival in the App Store…or maybe you’d rather just pick up Pinger and make some free voice calls for your iPhone and iPod touch…also in the App Store? The update to Apple’s remote, which is paving the way to a little more sharing among devices in your home; can you say AirPlay soon? We can…and finally, it’s the throwdown, people, the smartphone display war gets all technical on us as Dr. Raymond M. Soneira blinds us with you know what.

Hipster convergence happening soon! Hipster convergence coming your way! That’s right, famed notebook maker, Moleskin, fresh off their Kindle case, is bringing some of that same notebook-enhanced device cover to the Apple line with beauties for your iOS babies…and while this is where we talk iPad, the cases just naturally brings us to this Bat Utility Belt complete with iPhone holster…if only they made a similar holster for the iPad, as owners of Apple’s magical, revolutionary tablet tend to skew younger and male, pretty much Batman’s target demographic…but it’s only European (younger males) who will be getting the sweet tethering option, at least according to this analysis of the new OS…coming to everyone, though, in iOS 4.2 will be the Game Center badges, which will help you Frag the Editors in all kinds of games, because you know you want to…but get a load of this Mac|Life interview with the developer of our beloved Game Center…and maybe you’ll be playing so on your newer, thinner, not necessarily smaller iPad if you can credit this rumor…but will you want to/be able to play on RIM’s new PlayBook? Dunno, but it looks a little uh awkward in the hand…but you might be doing a little more touchscreen action if Apple’s latest patent-based rumor is correct about jumbo sized iMac touches…touchscreening you may or may not want to touch comes to the iPad wit
h the new New Yorker app, featuring a risque how-to with actor Jason Schwartzman…but are these magazine apps too big? Definitely is our impression.

Apple TV shipped this week! Apple TV shipped this week!…and with its iOS base, this thing can be jailbroken; I wonder how long until someone– Whoa! well, that didn’t take long at all…of course, if you try and don’t like, you can always come back to Apple’s safe haven nice and easy through USB and iTunes…but in case you were interested in seeing what was inside that new little hockey puck, never fear, iFixit does the usual tear down.


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